You say Zamboni, I say zamboni; the raw facts


It has been brought to our attention recently that in an edition of Vue Weekly, ("Backlash Blues: Protest too much," Feb 25-Mar 3, 2010) there was an article stating " … the malfunctioning Zamboni … ". We note the prominent mention of our trademark "Zamboni" and its proper capitalization. However, we would like to point out that the machine referred to in the article is not a Zamboni ice resurfacer, but was made by another manufacturer. Zamboni is a registered trademark of Frank J. Zamboni & Co, Inc, for the ice resurfacing machines and other products that it manufactures and distributes. We appreciate the opportunity to explain the proper usage of our trademark.

Frank J. Zamboni
Executive Vice-president


There were two incorrect facts in your article ("Eating Raw", April 8-14, 2010). Misinformation #1. Quote: "Refresh is a small shop on Whyte Avenue selling health foods and natural products in addition to housing a café … " The correct information is the following: Organic Roots started to share space with Refresh Bistro from May, 2009. Both are independent businesses. Organic Roots does not sell health food but rather high quality health supplements, vitamins, organic skin care, sport supplements and homeopathic remedies.

Refresh is purely an organic bistro serving/selling menu items.

Misinformation #2. Quote from article: "We took a walk around the store, still open to customers … The only downside to this experience, I think, is that you are eating this great food in a grocery store, so the atmosphere isn't as relaxing as one might hope. It might be nice to start the event after the store is closed, so at least the lights could be dimmed and music could be played … " The correct information is: this store is not a grocery store, but, as I explained above, Organic Roots is a health supplement outlet that decided to open its space to Refresh Bistro as a complement to the business in promoting healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

And last but not least, the photograph taken and used is projecting biased information too. It shows both windows of the premises but only the Refresh banner is visible and readable. If both windows are shown both banners should be presented clearly and equally visible and readable.

I am writing this in a hope that a correction will be done in a proper magnitude as we certainly don't want to see our hard work of creating a right image distorted by carelessly gathered and presented information.

Irene Csotonyi
Organic Roots

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