Hometown: Qualicum Beach, BC
Genre: Folk / alternative
Lastest album: Live At The Ironwood (2013)
Fun fact: WiL is also a commercial music composer.

First album
Toto IV: I bought it because I really liked the sword encompassed by stone circles [on the cover]—then fell in love with the music. My parents had a lot of records and this was my first trip to a record store where my father told me I could buy any record I wanted with my allowance.

First concert
Iron Maiden at the Saddledome in Calgary. It was the Somewhere In Time tour. I had been hanging out with an older couple (Paul and Michelle) who were in metal bands. I had also loved Maiden since the Maiden Japan record. My parents bought me the tape along with a brand new Sony Walkman for my 14th birthday.

Last album
Being it is now the time of the single, my newest acquisition in our touring playlist for the truck is “I Wanna Holler” by Gary “U.S.” Bonds—killer R&B singer from the '60s, yet this song remained unreleased until the early '80s when it showed up on a B Side.

Last concert
Probably Ray LaMontagne at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver with my good friend Dan. He had turned me onto Ray the minute Trouble was released. I had since opened for Ray at Richards on Richards; the concert meant a great deal for us as Dan was then my manager of eight years at the time and also happened to be one of the last concerts before that great venue was torn down.

Favourite album
The first one that immediately popped into my head is Pink Floyd's The Wall. I would get in bed and listen to it to help me fall asleep. As well, I put it on and played classical guitar to it for months until I could play the whole record—or at least I thought I was playing it.

Favourite musical guilty pleasure
Super hooky power pop, but I don't know that I feel terribly guilty about it as I am 43 now and more than proud to talk about what I like listening to no matter the genre. A good song is a good song, subjective yes, but I was once told there was only two types of music: good and bad. V

Fri, Oct 18 (7 pm)
Royal Alberta Museum, $20 (advance), $25 (day of show)


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