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Who is Boo 2

The secret of drawing animals, according to Jason Carter, begins on the Internet.

“I’ll start at Google,” he laughs, before offering a specific animal example, “and look at as many pictures of giraffes as I can. Within that, it’s just about finding the essence of each of the animals: the one, two defining features that distinguish it to be a giraffe.  Which is a really long neck and kind-of spots—I wouldn’t even call them spots, I’d call them intersecting rhombuses. It’s really with those two patterns: as long as you have those two, it’ll be a giraffe.”

Carter’s affinity for capturing animals goes beyond illustrations, mind you: he’s probably known best for his carvings of rabbits from various types of stone. Putting them to paper is a more recent endeavour: the illustrations are his contribution to an ongoing book collaboration with actress/Breakfast Television host/author Bridget Ryan. The pair’s latest is Who is Boo 2, a follow up to the pair’s first book a few years back, following a tricker rabbit’s adventures and encounters with the rest of the animal kingdom.

Saturday’s book launch will have select readings from the book happening alongside The Trickster Series: special, short gallery showing of Carter’s carved and canvas works, all inspired by the book and including his expanding range of animal illustrations.

“It was fun to go back and revisit all of my old artwork, as I was able to use some of it from the first book in the second book,” Carter says. “It was a little bit easier on that side. But also, in the second book, he meets many more animals—animals that I’d never designed before, like lions, gorillas, giraffes—all of these animals that I’ve never drawn before. It felt like every page had a bit of a challenge for me.”

Sat, Nov 30 (1pm) (Book launch)
Gallery show until Thu, Dec 5
The Bearclaw Gallery

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