What’s punk-rock band Diehatzu Hijets listening to?


Think post-grunge-meets-noise-rock-meets-punk and you’ve got Diehatzu Hijets. The local four-piece formed in 2009 and has recorded several EPs and a full-length album titled Doo Doo Boy. Now the group is back with a  tape release, Where’s Everyone At?. Prior to the release show, guitarist and vocalist Layne L’Heureux shared his soundtrack picks with Vue.

At home

Morning: Sean Nicholas Savage, Other Life. Solid Canadian minimalist dream pop.

Noon: Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Real Emotional Trash. One of the greater guitar records, incredible melody, multifaceted lyrics.

Night: Donnie & Joe Emerson, Dreamin’ Wild. A recently discovered rarity from Midwest America, two brothers with great pop sensibilities create the easy-listening bedroom pop you’ve all been looking for.

On the road

Morning: Nick Gilder, City Nights. Canadian glam-rock full of sick licks and super hits.

Noon: Gary Wilson, You Think You Really Know Me. New York-born experimental-pop enigma. You Think You Really Know Me is hook ridden, earnest, and beautiful.

Night: Caity Fisher, The Final Frontier. Edmonton’s own, party never ends, bubble-gum-pop mistress. Lyrics that are out of sight and jams to match.

Sat, Jul 5 (9 pm)
With Slow Girl Walking, Morals, Catgut
Wunderbar, $7

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