Vue is chosen

Five and a half years after everyone’s favourite migrant from the
Maritimes swept through the pages of this publication like a brisk
nor’easter made of integrity and wit, Dan Rubinstein has left Vue to
become the associate editor of Alberta Views. And, incredibly, I somehow
ended up taking his place as news editor.

Although Dan would like you to think that his leaving was by choice, I
feel obliged to tell you all the truth: like every other current editor here
at Vue, I won my position by besting my predecessor in a
Kirk-versus-Spock-style gladiator match, complete with tridents, nets and
torn spandex uniforms. Dan’s understandably a little embarrassed about
it, so you probably shouldn’t mention it to him the next time you run
into him. He’ll just deny it. But we both know what really

Mr. Rubinstein never ceased to amaze me with his creativity and dedication
to this job, and the thought that I now have to fill his
presumably-size-eight shoes is one that is simultaneously exhilarating and
nerve-wracking. But hey—I’ll try my best, because I believe too
strongly in the tenets and mandate of this here paper to do any less.

Of course, it wasn’t always this way for me. Two summers ago, when I
erroneously thought I was done for good at the U of A’s student
newspaper, the Gateway, I decided that it was high time I started writing for
a weekly. Back then, I didn’t really see any difference between See and
Vue. So I made up two portfolios and went to Vue first, because it was
closest to my apartment at the time. It was a decision I’ve never

Just as Dan wrote in this space last week, after meeting Vue publisher Ron
Garth, who explained to me the importance of this publication’s
independence and its struggles against the corporate-owned other guys, I
began to understand just what this publication stands for. I truly feel that
Vue’s news section is a prime example of the freedom and possibility
the alternative press holds. This is a forum for the unfettered expression of
ideas, a place where you can find all the news you can’t get anywhere
else in the Edmonton community. This is the truly independent media, and I
look forward to playing a larger role in it.

So yeah. My e-mail and phone number are in the masthead on page four. If
you’ve got a story to tell or you think we’re missing something,
drop me a line. Together, we can ensure that Vue will continue to be what it
has always been: a bastion of independent, alternative media that’s
really close to my old apartment. V

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