Undercover of the night

Original music fights to be heard over the cover-band din

A previous work engagement kept me from popping down to the Doug Hoyer release until about 10:30 last Saturday, and I arrived just in the nick of time, as Doug's band was starting awfully early for a Saturday night. I couldn't figure it out until I noticed the sign advertising a cover band that would be ending out the night.

This isn't intended as a criticism of Lyve on Whyte—which, by from all the musicians I've talked to, treat their acts quite well—who are just trying to fill the bar, but man: what kind of a person wants to go see a cover band in this day and age? Presumably someone who's too lazy to take five whole minutes to look up where the real bands are playing that night.

Look, I get their purpose in, say, the '60s and '70s, when DJ gear wasn't really around, but what possesses someone to go out and hear mediocre renditions of radio hits when you could hear the real thing with a CD and a PA? I've heard the argument about the "live experience" before, but if that's so important to you, why not give your money to someone who's got the gumption to put their own work out there for your attention? There are plenty of bands working in this city in any number of styles, and even going to see a band that wants to be the next Nickelback is at least rewarding people willing to do more than just download a tab chart.

It's not as though there's some horde of cover bands out there, but still, every dollar they get is a dollar that could be supporting someone who's actually trying to share their experience of the world, not just trying to bask in someone else's reflective limelight. Support real live music, folks: it's better for all of us.

Cold, cold world

On a personal note, someone apparently decided that my black overcoat was just their style, and swiped it from its perch at the Pawn Shop on Saturday at the Field + Stream/Whitsundays/Sans AIDS show. Just in time for a turn in the weather, too. I'm willing to forgive and forget if someone wants to come drop it off at the Vue office. In the meantime, though, and because I know I'm not the only person to whom this has happened at a show: don't steal coats, people. More so than being illegal, it's just a real asshole thing to do on a cold night. V

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