Tim Gilbertson; Elephant Stone; Library Voices

Tim Gilbertson

(Pop Echo)

I got it to play
This is golden dynamite
Booom! Gold everywhere!!!

Elephant Stone

Glass Box EP
(Elephants on Parade)

Top shelf guitar pop
Who do these guys have to blow
For Polaris prize?

We Are The Fallen
Tear The World Down


Four gruff dudes, one girl
Would make for a great movie
Or one shitty disc

Library Voices
Denim On Denim

(Young Soul)

This band is quite great
Saw 'em live and pooped a bit
Disc is worth soiled pants

Melissa Etheridge
Fearless Love


Lesbian rocker
Like Erectile Dysfuction
Soft and annoying

Andy Kim
Happen Again

(E1 Entertainment)

Canuck pop legend
He co-wrote Sugar Sugar
He can do no wrong

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