The Wall: Immersion Edition

Pink Floyd

The Wall: Immersion Edition is not for casual fans of Pink Floyd. This seven-disc box set is made for two other groups: the hardest of the hardcore Pink Floyd completists, and those people who have a facination with record-making. It's unlikely anyone else would find much of interest here, and even those groups might feel a little cheated, even with the presence of a souvenier scarf and three marbles inside the box.  
The first four discs are nothing new: one and two feature the original record while three and four are taken up by a previously released live performance of the album. They're both just fine, but widely available without the scarf and marbles. The final disc is a DVD, but the real find here comes on discs five and six, made up of finely crafted programmes constructed out of demos recorded by vocalist/bassist/primary songwriter Roger Waters, vocalist/guitarist/sometime songwriter David Gilmour and the band as a whole. A large number of Waters' tracks are excerpts, put together to offer a roving glimpse at the bare bones and lumps of clay that would eventually be worked into the finished version. The band demos are largely the same type of alternate, unfinished  versions that would continue to evolve. Gilmour's original demo of “Comfortably Numb” is interesting as the music is there, but the vocal consists entirely of Gilmour humming the melody wordlessly. It's a fascinating look into the construction of The Wall, but only for listeners interested in that sort of thing, and it's a big box just for a couple discs of demos.

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