The old mane drag

Mohawk begets fauxhawk begets nouveauhawk: men’s hair trends

A hairstyle has the power to make or break an outfit. Often overlooked, hair is the crowning jewel which can take your ensemble from sad to rad faster than you can say “pomade.” And since Edmonton has more hair salons than truckstops and mini-malls combined, there’s no excuse for an untidy mane (unless your first name is Sam and your last name rhymes with, uh, “Doberts”). This spring’s most surprising hairstyle is one most of us thought was as worn-out as Britney’s virgin routine. However, popping up all over runways across the fashion world were variations on the haircut David Beckham immortalized while he was still scoring off free kicks at Old Trattford—the fauxhawk. The mohawk first came into prominence in the 1970s and still can be seen in its most extreme form today, but the movement to popularize its more subdued, runway-friendly brother was spearheaded by Canadian designers DSquared, who put it into a much more mature, refined context, creating (thank God!) a workable, timely, chic alternative to the mullet. It’s a sophisticated look almost any guy can pull off, and is much more versatile than its somewhat irritating predecessor.

Whether it’s to the office or the beach (I know, I know: what beach? This is Edmonton!), the fauxhawk will carry you through spring and, if you’re lucky, land you a hot date for summer. Another crucial aspect of male grooming are the sideburns and facial hair, which frame the face and can highlight (or hide) certain features. Consider it a free accessory. Facial hair can and should be manipulated to a man’s advantage. If you’re not sure what sideburn length suits you best, a good rule of thumb is to keep them aligned with the middle part of your ear. Facial hair is huge this year, and nothing is sexier than a five o’clock shadow. Just don’t confuse “dress down” with “don’t care” and “messy hair” for “didn’t shower.” Please. In fact, why not throw out last season’s trucker hat and wheel your winter mane down to your favourite salon and try out a new ’do. I promise you, you won’t be sorry. And one more thing: men shouldn’t be afraid of colour, either. Ralph Lauren and Lacoste have proven that yellow, green and even shades of pink are reputable options for the modern man, even if you’re not certifiably a metrosexual. So this spring, throw on some casual, worn-looking jeans and a yellow polo, finish it off with a vintage blazer and take pride in how fashionable you’ve managed to become while putting such little effort into it. V

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