The Zolas


Answered by: Zachary Gray (vocals, guitar)
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Genre: Indie rock
Lastest album: The Zolas Remixes (2014)
Fun fact: The title of Ancient Mars, the Zolas’ most recent full-length album references the heyday of the planet Mars, which the band ties into a metaphor for relationships: at one point in time they thrive and are the best thing in a person’s life, but after they dissolve, things are barren between you.

First album
Weird Al, Alapalooza / Tom Cochrane, Mad Mad WorldFirst concert
U2. I’d never heard of them before but my friend had, and they entered the stage in a giant floating mirrorball lemon so that was just fine by me.Last album
Death Grips, No Love Deep Web

Last concert
Real Estate and the Shilohs. Really great single-dad rock.

Favourite album
I haven’t fallen hard for an album in a little while. I’m slumping. The last was probably No Love Deep Web.

Favourite musical guilty pleasure

Fri, Apr 11 (8 pm)
With Zerbin, James Younger
Starlite Room, $15

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