The Unfortunates

“I’m slowly being kicked out of the band,” jokes Tanner Gordon, referring to the recent drop of his name from the group’s moniker.

The band he’s referring to went through a few name modifications before ultimately becoming the Unfortunates. In 2009, Tanner Gordon (vocals), Tim Plamondon (guitar) and Brendan Urban (drums) performed under the stage name Tanner Gordon. The addition of guitarist Bryce Thornton led to Tanner Gordon & the Unfortunates. And it was the development of the second full-length album that eventually inspired the name drop.

“It didn’t feel right to have my name part of it anymore,” Gordon says, “It’s simple and neat. It sums up what we have become as a band.”

“We’re one cohesive unit now,” Plamondon adds. “We’re the Unfortunates. It’s not just a solo artist with a bunch of accompanying musicians. We’re one functioning group.”

The evolution from solo project to full-on band is largely a result of three years spent developing a unified sound out of the range of influences brought to the table by the individual band members—there are classics like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, alternative standards like Nirvana and Weezer and pop heroes like ABBA. But beyond even those are sounds drawn from the depths of country and bluegrass.

Within Indie Films—the band’s latest album and first under its updated name—is a strong presence of melodies and harmonies inspired by the soundtrack of Plamondon’s upbringing with country music.

All of that, coupled with the past three years of live gigs, has led the members to mashing those influences up into the sound of the Unfortunates.

“Our influences are crazy diverse,” Plamondon says. “We’ve all come together to create this weird—but unique—sound.”

Jasmine Salazar

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