The Greenery


Answered by: Matt Lanners, vocals
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Genre: Hardcore / thrash
Lastest album: It’s Looking Grim, originally released in 2013 and is now being re-released on New Damage Records
Fun fact: This is the first band guitarist Dan Mayo has played guitar for. He bought one before the band left on tour in the summer of 2011 and learned all the songs on the road.

First album
Cypress Hill

First concert
The Offspring

Last album
Repulsion, Horrified

Last concert
Ghost BC

Favourite album
Slayer, Show No Mercy

Favourite musical guilty pleasure
Lorde V

Sat, May 17 (6:30 pm)
With Comeback Kid, Counterparts, Backtrack, Alpha and Omega
Bonnie Doon Hall, $20

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