The Gibson Block


Hometown: Edmonton
Genre: Rock
Lastest album: Self-titled EP being released this weekend.
Fun fact: The band’s name comes from the historic building located at 9608 Jasper Avenue.

First album
Carson MacDonald: I can’t remember the first album I ever bought, but the first one to have any sort of impact on me was definitely Time Pieces by Eric Clapton.
Seb King: When I was seven years old I got my first album. It was by Seal, I can’t remember the title but “Kiss From a Rose” was on it. Awesome track.
Jon Lagore: I think the first album I bought (or rather, begged for at Christmas), was Step Up To The Microphone by the Newsboys.
Denis Frigon: My first album was the timeless classic, Mambo No 5 by Lou Bega (including the Disney version of the title track).

First concert
CM: I saw my first concert when I was young and on holidays with my family at Baptiste Lake. My dad brought my brother and I to see Trooper at the Athabasca River Rats Festival.
SK: [My] first concert ever was The Pink Floyd Experience, a pro tribute band that sounded like the real thing.
JL: Oh man, was I young. It would have been DC Talk’s Supernatural tour when they came through Calgary. They were playing the Saddledome. A wild experience for [a] 10-year-old kid.
DF: My first concert ever was seeing Robert Plant and The Strange Sensation at Skyreach Centre when I was in Grade 7.

Last album

CM: I recently bought the local band King of Foxes’ self-titled EP.
SK: I just picked up Passover by the Black Angels.
JL: I just picked up Rend’s new EP Winter to Summer. Awesome songs—such a killer a band.
DF: I recently bought the Hollow Woods EP by Sean Foster & the Vaqueros after hearing him live at the Artery. Last concert

CM: Cowpuncher at the Pawn Shop. ‘Twas pure rock ‘n’ roll madness.
SK: I saw Michael Rault on New Year’s Eve at the Artery—really great show.
JL: The last concert I caught was probably Joe Nolan at the Artery. [It was] one of my favourite shows of 2013.
DF: The last concert I saw was the amazing Christian Hansen at the Pawnshop. Best. Show. Ever.

Favourite album
CM: There are just about five albums that are fighting for the top spot, but if I had to pick one that I could listen to any time it would be Brothers by the Black Keys.
SK: I have too many favourites so it’s hard to name just one, but DFA 1979 You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine is definitely up there.
JL: Sting’s Sacred Love, hands down.
DF: Definitely Revolver by the Beatles. Hearing “Taxman” always gets me pumped.

Favourite musical guilty pleasure
CM: I like me some dubstep now and again.
SK: The seductive sound of Savage Garden is definitely my guilty pleasure.
JL: Lady Gaga has been my most recent guilty pleasure. She did a tune with Sting for some concert last year, and it totally turned me onto her.—”King of Pain” I think it was.
DF: Twisted Sister. Most people cringe at the mention of the ’80s, but I dig the pop and hair metal from that decade. V

Fri, Jan 10 (8 pm)
With Canyon Rose Outfit, Death By Robot, the Nulls
Pawn Shop, $10














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