The Fuzz Kings


This Saturday is Record Store Day, and local roots-rock four piece the Fuzz Kings are planning to make the most of it by packing in three shows. The band will be celebrating the release of its album ReTurn of the Century along with a limited-edition vinyl recording called I’m Your Goon. Before the group’s hectic lineup of shows this weekend, “Fat” Dave Johnston answered a few questions for Vue. 

Vue Weekly: You’ve got a marathon of shows coming up for Record Store Day on April 19. What will this involve and why did you want to do a marathon? What will be the biggest challenge in pulling something like this off?
“Fat” Dave Johnston: This will involve very well-timed beer consumption and a network of designated drivers. The biggest challenge involved will be stamina. We maintain a pretty energetic show and burning ourselves out too early in the day would not be good. Finding time to eat and stay hydrated will be important as well.

We chose to hatch this maniacal plot to stand out amongst the other 5374 bands and artists in the Edmonton area that are putting out albums in 2014. The idea is to attract as much attention as possible for the new releases and conjure up a bit of a crowd that wouldn’t be likely to see us in a bar late at night but wouldn’t hesitate to see us at a record store, or an afternoon restaurant matinee show like we have booked at Fionn MacCool’s City Centre.

We’ll also be filming the entire day for a mini-documentary-style music video.

VW: What does Record Store Day mean for you?
FDJ: Record Store Day is one of those days that puts the spring season into motion. It officially declares that winter is over and the season of foot traffic in urban centers like Old Strathcona is here, which is really important for the record-store owners and other small-business owners of Old Strathcona, 124 Street, Jasper Ave, etc. Small-business owners tend to be in pretty rough shape in the cold months after Christmas and New Years, so it’s a good boost for those who are hangin’ in there!

VW: You’re playing these shows in support of two new releases: ReTurn of the Century and I’m Your Goon, which is a limited-edition seven-inch vinyl. How do they stand apart from each other and what do they bring to the table this time around?
FDJ: These are very different releases musically, and the format they are each being released on will appeal to different types of music consumers.

I’m Your Goon is a grittier, hard and fast surf-rock single with a hard andfast rockabilly-style B-side. The limited-edition coloured vinyl appeals to a more selective demographic than the bright and colorful upbeat roots-rock nature of ReTurn Of The Century, which is available on CD and iTunes.

At least that was the intention. The original idea was to hang on to I’m Your Goon and release it later this year, but with the opportunity to play Record Store Day staring us in the face, we figured that it would be as good a time as any, especially since no Edmonton bands (to our knowledge) have done a Record Store Day release. 

Sat, Apr 19
Permanent Records (Noon – 1 pm)
Fionn MacCool’s City Centre (4 pm – 6 pm)
The Studio (10 pm – Midnight)



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