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The always unpredictable Peaches on her music, videos, and self-expression

Peaches at Sled Island 2016 // Photo by JProcktor
Peaches at Sled Island 2016 // Photo by JProcktor

There are not many artists whose very essence is rooted in calling out the sexism of the music industry, but the 48-year-old electro pop artist Peaches certainly takes the crown.

While high profile women in politics and other realms seem to represent increased gender equality, the reaction from men’s rights activists and Internet trolls creates a more tangled web.

For her part, Peaches is still pushing forward a female voice.

“My music is just about having other perspectives. You know, the female. I hate when people are like ‘well that’s just the alternative perspective.’ Well why is it? There’s so many different kinds of people so there just shouldn’t be one,” Peaches says.

She spoke with Vue after filming a solo music video for a song off her 2015 album Rub called “Sick in the Head.” In the video, Peaches wears satanic insane clown posse-esque makeup while singing and dancing against a static drone melody. Later on she enters a rave inside a hellish silver plated sewer shaft while donning a screaming prosthetic mouth on her crotch. They shot the entire video on an iPhone and while it may sound pretty loopy, compared to her some of her other music videos, “Sick in the Head,” is quite tame.

In December 2015, she released a music video for the title track of Rub that she directed and starred in. Simply put, the video parades one big orgy in Joshua Tree underneath chanted lyrics like “Rub bitch rub” and “can’t talk right now, this chicks dick is in my mouth.”

The music video was taken off Youtube for awhile, but now it’s back with the warning tag ‘uncensored video.’

“I just want to express myself the way I want to, and I find a lot of people find it empowering. I don’t think something like that is shocking anymore.”

“Free Drink Ticket,” a gloom-filled beat poetry piece where Peaches ruminates about the fate of a person who hurt her stands out as the most unique and powerful on Rub.

“Yeah all you need is one bad breakup. Some bullshit person does that to you and in the thick of the anger you write a song that heavy. It’s definitely my most poetic,” Peaches says.

The video for “Free Drink Ticket,” was directed by fashion designer Sara Sachs and features Peaches being spellbound by a hybrid boar and snake creature while she wears a revealing leather outfit during a sinister candle light ritual.

“She had never made a video in her life. She’s a great mind and told me she had a vision and it worked out really well.”

Peaches has also collaborated with many musicians—including Iggy Pop and Feist. Peaches was actually roommates with Feist in the late ’90s and the indie pop singer has been featured in a couple of Peaches songs and music videos.

Iggy Pop and Peaches sang and starred together in the song and video “Kick it,” where the two poke fun at each other while fighting off a horde of zombies.

A live Peaches show will always leave you with thoughts of inquiry and titillation. The singer will change costumes and consciously muddy the society-deemed roles of males and females. Whether wearing a prosthetic penis or having a bunch of dancers jump around in vagina costumes to her bass-driven songs, Peaches is always unpredictable. 

Sun, Sept 25 ( 7 pm)
The Needle, SOLD OUT

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