Search for “Striker” on Google and you’ll come across a German Wikipedia page for the Edmonton-based band.

“We have a strong fan base over there,” says drummer Adam Brown. “I think they respect the fact that you are travelling across most of the world to play music for them.”

The band found success overseas after a demo track was played to some random concert-goers at the Wacken Open Air Metal Festival in Germany.

“After that, the demo kind of exploded in the underground,” Brown says. “It pushed the band to be a more defined group.”

Striker is preparing for its third full-length album, which is slated for a September release. The group recorded its previous album in Nashville but wanted to change up the environment this time and went after a heavier sound. The new, still untitled album was recorded in Sweden with melodic death-metal producer Fredrik Nordström—he’s worked with the likes of Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquility, Opeth—to achieve the heavier metal vibe.

“We were looking for that heavy production sound that doesn’t entirely exist in these parts,” Brown explains. “Edmonton has a lot to offer musically, but the list of established metal producers is rather thin.”

All that said, though, the band hasn’t forgotten its roots on the new record.

“It’s kind of a mix between speed and thrash,” Brown says. “Clean, powerful vocals. Big guitar solos. Heavy drums. All the good parts of metal, if I can say that.”

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