Snow Zone

Snow Zone sig(h)ns off ’til next season

Yes, we’re concluding this year’s Snow Zone by taking a cue from
the famous Sesame Street sign-off. That’s “s” as in
“speculation”, friends, and it was everywhere this season.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

What’s going to happen at Fortress? Can I afford to buy into that
half-million dollar condo at Golden, Rossland, Fernie? Can I afford not to?
Why can’t I keep the snow from melting down my ass crack as I ride the
chair? When will Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Jumbo Glacier open, and what
will they be like? Can Alpine Canada keep building momentum until 2010? How
can I become a better skier?

And on a graver note, how will global warming affect snow conditions for
future seasons? Will mountain pine beetle ruin my favourite glade run? And
really, is it so damn hard to keep the snow out of my shorts?

In between huffing champagne pow and skirting disaster, we tried to answer
some of these questions (some better than others). But curiosity and
questioning will only get you so far when your eyes are focused on the fall
line and your knees are sending impact signals up to your brain.

Still, we’re not making apologies. If we missed it this season,
we’ll just have to get to it next season. (Hint: if you’re
looking for a 2007-08 preview, the list of questions above might not be a bad
place to start.) Every winter I re-learn that there’s never enough time
in the season. So you have to do it when you can, as much as you can.

To that end, we’re sending you off with a few ideas for making the best
of what’s left—partying at the slopes through May and riding
until June. And maybe planning that wicked trip for next year. Whatever you
do, don’t sit back and wait for it, or it’ll melt before your
eyes faster than the last of the man-made snow.

And while we say so long from Snow Zone, it’s not really goodbye.
Starting Apr 26, we’ll be back with our monthly summer features to
tantalize you with our tales and recommendations on freeriding, surfing, rock
climbing and more.

See you then. V

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