Six things about romanesco


Family tree
The veggie—also known as romanesco broccoli—is an edible flower of the Brassica oleracea species and is considered to be a form of cauliflower.

Math in nature
Its unique shape is actually a natural approximation of a fractal. Each bud possesses a self-similar character, meaning they are composed of a series of smaller buds, which ends up forming a logarithmic spiral.

Viva Italia
Its origins are first documented in Italy around the 16th century.

Beneficial attributes
Romanesco is known to be high in vitamin C, vitamin K, dietary fibre and carotenoids.

Familiar yet different
The flavour lands somewhere between broccoli and cauliflower—a little on the sweet side and minus the bitterness sometimes attributed to cauliflower.

Get ready
Romanesco’s high season is October through November, so you have plenty of time to read up on it and figure out some ways to add it to your cooking arsenal. V

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