Six things about Nutella


Not-so-nutritious breakfast
Remember the commercials that claimed Nutella was part of a nutritious breakfast? Yeah, that landed the company in hot water when Ferrero was sued in a class action lawsuit for false advertising in April 2012. The company agreed to pay a settlement of $3 million. Its advertising claims have since been revised.

Gone nutty
The Ferrero company claims approximately 50 hazelnuts can be found in one jar of Nutella. Prior to making it into the spread, the nuts undergo tedious quality control.

Thank Ferrero
The Langhe district of Piedmont, Italy is known for its hazelnut production and a baker by the name of Pietro Ferrero—as in Ferrero Rocher chocolates—decided to take its reputation one step further. He created an early version of Nutella in 1946 called Pasta Gianduja. It came in a solid block and a creamy version called Supercrema was introduced in 1951. Supercrema got a revamp in 1961, when Ferrero’s son Michael renamed it Nutella and began mass production in Europe in April of 1964.

Italian invented, Canadian made
Ferrero runs numerous facilities around the world, and production for its North American market takes place in Brantford, ON.

Mark your calendars
February 5 is World Nutella Day, but really, do you need an excuse to eat it?

Other key ingredients
Hazelnuts and cocoa are two key ingredients in Nutella, but they are not the main components. Sugar and palm oil are actually the main ingredients and while it is also known as hazelnut cream in many countries it cannot be called chocolate cream, as per Italian law, because it does not meet the minimum cocoa solid concentration. V

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