Six things about candy corn


Copy cat
Pieces of candy corn are meant to mimic the appearance of real corn with its yellow and orange colouring, but each one is approximately three times the size of a real corn kernel.

Once a year won't hurt
There's basically no nutritional value to these treats. The primary ingredients consist of corn syrup, sugar, wax, artificial colours and binders.

Kernels galore
An estimate by the National Confectioners Association states 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold annually. The candy remains most popular around the Halloween season.

The inventor
George Renniger of Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia created candy corn in the 1880s.

Corn for every occasion
A Thanksgiving variation of candy corn exists as well. The wide end is chocolate brown as opposed to yellow but maintains the orange center and white tip. Reindeer corn has also been made for Christmas—just guess which colours those are—as well as Cupid corn for Valentines day. As of this year, s’more and pumpkin spice varieties were added to the list.

Original recipe
The treats were originally made by hand, combining sugar, corn syrup, carnauba wax and water. Marshmallows added softness to the mixture while the addition of fondant assisted with texture. The final step involved heating the mixture and pouring it into moulds. V

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