Six things about durian fruit


Strong scent
The fruit emits a strong, distinctive odour that is sometimes described as smelling like rotten onions, garbage and turpentine. The smell is so strong that it has been banned from public transportation and hotels in Southeast Asia.

Durian etymology
The durian’s scientific name is durio malvaceae. The word ‘durian’ comes from the Indonesian and Malaysian word duri, which means thorn, due to the fruit’s tough, prickly exterior.

Thai export
The durian fruit is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. However, Thailand is the largest exporter of durians.

Physical attributes
Durian fruit can grow as large as 30 centimetres long and 15 centimetres wide. Its weight varies from one to three kilograms.

King of the fruits
Durian fruit can range in price from eight to 22 dollars.

Move over oysters, you have company
Durian is often viewed as an aphrodisiac. The Javanese—an ethnic Indonesian tribe—has an expression for its aphrodisiac qualities: jatuh sarung naik, which translates to “the durian falls and the sarong comes up.” V


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