Six things about gingerbread


Less is more
A traditional recipe for shortbread consists of one part white sugar, two parts butter and three parts flour. However, recipes today often split the sugar into equal measures of granulated sugar and powdered sugar. Some even add salt

The way the cookie crumbles
The crumbly nature of shortbread is due to its high fat content, thanks to the butter in the recipe. An old meaning of the word short also referred to crumbly texture, hence the name.

Refined baking
Shortbread was often made during the 12th century in Scotland (known as biscuit bread at the time), but Mary, Queen of Scots is touted for the refinement of the confection in the 16th century. At the time, shortbread was considered a luxury and reserved for special occasions.

Good things come in three
Shortbread was traditionally prepared in the form of rounds, fingers (a large, rectangular slab was cut into slices) or petticoat tails, which were triangular biscuits resembling the petticoats worn during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

Brides, watch out
An old tradition in Shetland involves breaking a decorated shortbread cake over a new bride’s head at the entrance to her new home.

Don’t forget
January 6 is considered National Shortbread Day. V


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