Shimmering Stars inspired by former Prime Minister


In 1967, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau gave a speech regarding homosexuality, in which he stated: “There is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Shimmering Stars’ new album Bedrooms of the Nation plays on many of Trudeau’s statements but also contains the band’s own perspective on the social breakdown of our culture.

But don’t be fooled by the seriousness of the album title: this band is sincere in its songwriting, but after the music making is over for the day, the group is just as laidback as the waves that the Beach Boys—who also happen to be one of Shimmering Stars’ major musical influences—sing about.
This is the group’s second album and, according to drummer and vocalist Andrew Dergousoff, it’s going to have a louder vibe than the first one.

“The first album was more of a sock–hop/revival sound,” he says. “Now we’re bringing in noisier elements to the new album.”

Although making music together is the members’ passion, Dergousoff says that in their down time they enjoy finding the “hole in the wall” restaurants or music stores and just hanging out.

“If there’s a tiki bar involved then that’s great,” says Dergousoff. “Karaoke and line dancing? That’s even better.”
Beer is also a passion of the group: Dergousoff says that band members Rory McClure and Brent Sasaki have recently become slightly obsessed and scientific about making the perfect homebrew.

“They are getting really good. We all just get together and everyone brings a bunch of beers to try,” says Dergousoff. “If we had our way we would all be living in some kind of farm collective, brewing beer and making music.”

Music-making and beer drinking? Sounds like the life. V

Lauren de Leeuw


Thu, Jul 24 (8 pm)

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