Sheree Plett

Looking for a winter wonderland: Sheree Plett and husband Eisenhauer head inland in search of snow

Thu, Dec 9, Haven Social Club

Since her 2009 release, The Road to My Family, life for Vancouver folk-pop songstress Sheree Plett (and her husband Jeremy Eisenhauer, who performs his own solo material under the moniker Eisenhauer) has been wrapped up mostly raising a newborn son. Interestingly, though, the release of The Road had little to do with expecting a family of her own.

"Randomly enough, it didn't," she laughs when explaining the writing process. "I had written all the songs already before we even knew we were expecting, but it all ended up tying in quite well together."

Known for her song-based stories about growing up in the Prairies, the sensual, emotive artist is able to conjure up powerful images of love, loss and Canadian winters.

"A lot of the songs are telling stories of growing up in the Prairies, and trying to find my family roots and hear stories from my grandparents. It's a lot of nostalgia wrapped up in the songs."

Having moved to the West Coast 10 years ago, she met Eisenhauer and decided to stay. This doesn't stop the couple from touring relentlessly, however—especially with what's become their annual Christmas tour.

"We've been doing it for the last four years, and I think a lot of people think it's crazy that we're so pumped to drive treacherous roads and head east, but it's because Vancouver never gets snow, so we just wanna go where it's cold."

Alongside The Road, she's also put out a Christmas album and has plans for a record of lullabies for the new year. "Whenever I get the chance to sit down with a guitar, that's what I've been writing," she offers. "We plan to keep on touring, including a bigger tour in the spring all the way out east."

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