The 2013 sex survey (Part 1)

Most of the shebang


My gender is:
Male 56%
Female 42%
Transgender 1%
Other 1%


My sexual orientation is:
Gay 9%
Straight 67%
Bisexual 19%
Other 5%


My age is:
18 – 25 37%
26 – 35 39%
36 – 45 13%
45+ 11%


My relationship status is:
Single 34%
Married or Common law 42%
Other 24%


I lost my virginity when I was:
Under 18 39%
18 – 20 34%
21 – 25 13%
26+ 3%
I'm a virgin 3%


Tell us about your first roll in the hay
  • Wasn't very exciting. It was in a drunken stupor with my high school crush who didnt know i was a virgin. Eminem's 8 mile soundtrack was playing :(
  • I was 20. She was 27. I didn't tell her that I was a virgin. I was so nervous, that I didn't even ejaculate. In fact, I couldn't ejaculate until our 10th or 11th time in the sack. I was worried that something was wrong with my plumbing, but it was entirely nerves.
  • Terrible. It was quick and I cried.
  • High school girlfriend, i was 15, in her bedroom while her parents were away, I lied to her and said I had done “it” before, mutually agreed upon, I did not manipulated her into the act.
  • Dark, fumbly, the fascinating first taste of pussy, the amazing feeling of closeness with a woman, the need for more…
  • It was with a girl I had a really big crush on in high school, but we were just friends. Once we were finished high school, we were at a party and started to fool around. I was really drunk and barely realized what she was doing, but she got on top on me and put my penis inside of her. I would say we poked like 2 times before I freaked out and realized I didn't have a condom on. And there were no condoms, so we stopped.
  • Couldn't get it in. Thought we heard the janitor coming and took off.
  • As awkward as presumably most people's was. But enjoyable enough.
  • he was really nice and didn't force anything upon me. it was pretty natural, except…. it hurt sooo much…
  • Super cheesy. Rose petals. Hurt like hell!
  • We didn't know what we were doing at all. No condoms, no lube, nothing. It was okay I guess. I just wish I'd been prepared. It was kind of sprung on me.
  • It was in one of those nasty dirty little residences above HUB Mall at the U of A. We skipped English to do it, it was the first time for both of us. While the relationship didn't last to winter term, we stayed friends, and eventually got back together and got married almost ten years later!
  • With a short term boyfriend. Parents were away for the weekend and my sister and I had a party. It happend in my parents bed, unfortunately:/
  • I was thirteen and my bf at the time was nineteen. We dated for about two months. Things always got heated at his place and when I thought I was ready I let him take over. I was too young though so it was awkward and didn't last very long. However he did whatever he could to make me feel comfortable so it was still a good experiance.
  • I was camping with my girlfriend of a few weeks and a bunch of friends. We were both kind of drunk but not too drunk—that healthy medium where I could keep it up, we both could get off, and we didn't much care for who heard. So, in our tent in the middle of the night, we went at it, and it was great, but cold. We started on an air mattress—one of those double-layer ones that don't really do anything to add comfort. There was too much bounce. We moved on to the floor and went at it again. I don't even know what we ended up doing with the condom.
  • Not that fab. But the morning after. That one was awesome.
  • Romantic, sweet, vanilla. He came, I didn't (but he sure did try hard!). No misgivings about that.
  • A friend of my sisters. Met her at a party and we slowly became interested in each other. Heavy petting led to taking her back to my place. I was awkward, she laid there like a starfish. All in all a regrettable experience.
  • On the couch in my parent's living room. It happened with a woman who was older and more experienced than I am, so she took me through the paces. I was so nervous that I couldn't even get it hard, so I ended up having sex with a semi-hard dick. Funny thing is she told me that she enjoyed the sensation of a floppy dick, she remembered it multiple times over the years and always said that it was an unusually pleasant sensation. As usual I didn't last long, however I apparently lasted longer than many first timers. Maybe she was saying this to make me feel better, I don't know. At that time I was so excited that I had sex that I could care less about how long I lasted or if she had an orgasm or not. I had very low expectations for the first time. I was so nervous that I didn't even know if I enjoyed having sex or not.
  • On wedding night at major Edmonton hotel
  • Less than what I had hoped, but with a person I would trust with my life, so no regrets
  • It was on my cousin's bed, she was at work or something, with a friend from school. It was fun.
  • It was fun, but got pregnant. STUPID!!!!!
  • It was totally planned with someone I was technically broken up with. Was not all that terribly physically pleasurable but it was a good experience overall. Afterwards I wished I hadn't waited so long because it became pretty great after only a time or two.
  • We were on vacation, at Christmas, in the mountains. So everything you can imagine…
  • I was 18, he was 23. I was ready, he was terrified. He shook.
  • It sucked.
  • Pot, Arcade Fire, and taking it up the butt. It was an evening of firsts.
  • I was bossed around. And it was nice
  • it was the first time for both of us,,,very nervous and excited,, was neither one of us thought it was “special”,,, just very awkward,,,,over before it began,,,
  • Lets just say, don't believe every sex rumour you hear. We were getting hot and heavy when I informed the young man I was seeing that I was having my period. He had heard from a friend that your period stops when you have sex, so we had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, our session under the sheets didn't last long as there was blood everywhere. My first time was less of teen romance and more of a teen horror flick. Lesson learned.
  • A guy that I was sooooooo much into didn't wanna do it unless we got married first. Except he was scared to marry me cause I was too young for him. But eventually I convinced him, we got engaged and did it in a cabin. He used a shovel.
  • Awkward as fuck.
  • Gay – Summercamp Straight – Highschool
  • My boyfriend and I were 18, had been dating for a couple months, were both virgins, and decided to give it a go. We got in his truck, drove to the nearest convenience store, bought a box of condoms, drove back, and got down to it. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, so it was mildly unpleasant.
  • I hardly even remember it which is probably bad. I wasn't drunk or anything; it just wasn't something super memorable. I think it hurt, and I probably made him stop, so maybe at the time I didn't consider it my “first time” and that's why I can't remember it.
  • It was with an older guy who ended up being a bit of a loser, but the experience itself was fine. I was 15. An old episode of Friends was playing on the TV – the one where they have to move Ross' car. “Lift, and sliiiide. Lift, and sliiiiide!”
  • with my cousin in our fort ,we were both about 13 dogie style over the back fence.
  • i lost my virginity on a mattress on the floor of a closet while watching the punisher war zone. I was so nervous about coming to fast. I ended up not coming at all. We had sex for over an hour and i couldnt finish for some reason.
  • I lost my virginity at age seventeen, in the bedroom of my first serious boyfriend. He was two years older than me, living in his parents' basement at the time. He had a bigscreen TV, band tees, and had just revealed to me the action figure collection hidden in his closet. It was pretty terrible, as first times of many things are wont to be. He kept apologizing for not cumming and I didn't get anything out of the situation whatsoever. I poignantly remember pulling off his black socks before we got busy. Since that day, I have (secretly) thought black socks were disgusting. I don't even know that he knew what his penis looked like, as I had to put the condom on for him. There was a lot of confused and awkward thrusting and many weird body angles. To make matters even worse, I was an absolute dead fish, sans the smell. Needless to say, my sex life has drastically improved since that time. (Thank god.)
  • It happened with my first girfriend when I was 16 years old. That was the first time for all of us and we were really nervous. It happened in my dad's house, in his bed, when he was away in a party. We were shyish so we took a loooooooong time on foreplay and, when we decided to start it, ejaculation come first and everything ended pretty fast. First time always sucks ^^.
  • It was a one night stand, she was the mother of a friend at a wedding. We were both drunk and got a hotel room. She was much older, probably three times my age. I didn't want to let her go. We spent the next day walking in the park, canoeing, talking. Then she left and I never saw her again. I've enjoyed fucking older women ever since.
  • It was awkward and under the influence of alcohol. He kept speaking Spanish to me, which was far from a turn on. I was happy when it was over.


Approximately how many times would you say you’ve had sex?
Never 18%
Once or twice 13%
A few times 20%
A bunch of times 43%
At least once a day 6%


What special move make you come?
  • Rough Sex in particular
  • I love bending my girlfriend over and taking her from behind, and then, after fucking her pussy until she squirts, pulling out and drenching her back and ass with my jizz.
  • doggy style and a little aggression
  • oral
  • Being inside my sweetie while the boyfriend does me from behind.
  • Dirty talk? Doggystyle?
  • Lady sticking her butt out/twerking.
  • My wife is pretty good at getting me off without too much trouble. But oral is a blast.
  • Doggy=)
  • Leg above shoulder. Pretzel'ing.
  • Oh, lots of things. It's not difficult.
  • Right now I'm a sucker for 69, something really hot about it that works everytime.
  • Suck my clit while tongueing under my hood:)
  • Doggy style, fingering, me on top
  • The Time Bomb really makes me explode.
  • When my partner pauses from fucking me really hard. Whips his cock out and slaps it on my vulva hitting my clit. It gets me squirting.
  • When he fingers me and bites me while going down on me.
  • Dirty talk always brings me to the end. Especially when she thanks me over and over again.
  • It is not move but when girl cums and I can feel how her vagina pulsates and you can feel every contraption and the sound, breathing and gasps. All this can make me come instantly.
  • going hard and deep
  • It has been so long I don't remember!
  • Not a special move, but state of mind. Be in the moment!
  • Nothing special. I need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation.
  • I usually do all the work, but if a guy has a finger inside me while I do, I scream.
  • Never come :(
  • When he licks my ears, neck or arm pits while he's fucking me… unf!
  • The feet up in the air. Or anything in the mirror
  • its all special,,,,, ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Oral. Every time.
  • The helicopter.
  • When she sits on my face and jerks me off :)
  • A power bottom who can take it like a champ.
  • lips, hands
  • Little itty bitty cirles around my clitoris with the lightest of pressure.
  • Giving oral until she cums serval times,and then mount a total wet pussy and go hard until we both cum together
  • Doggy style
  • Oral
  • Maneuvering his penis to brush my g-spot (a smaller penis actually works better for this) + loads of sexual tension = YUM.
  • Doggy and blowjob
  • My hands grabbing hair, my cock shoved down a throat as far as it will go. Pretty blue eyes looking up at me as she gags.
  • I'm not sure that there is a special move, but ya gotta show the clit lots of love.


In the past month I have masturbated:
Never 9%
Once or twice 6%
A few times 24%
A bunch of times 42%
At least once a day 19%


Have you ever:
Internet dated 46%
Sexted 65%
Had sex on a boat 14%
Had sex in a car 77%
Sent someone pictures of your junk 52%
Made a booty call 66%
Used a sex toy 72%
Used a sex toy with a partner 68%


Is Edmonton a good city to be single in?
  • No
  • Sure
  • In the '80s it was ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • yes
  • Maybe?
  • Sure. There are definitely people.
  • It's ok I guess…
  • As good as any I suppose.
  • A lot better than being single in Cold Lake. There, you practically have to carry a baseball bat to smack away the horny military guys.
  • I guess it depends on if you like being single or not
  • I think so. The population is big enough, fun enough, and safe enough for really awesome, worry-free one night stands.
  • Yes!
  • Haven't been single in a long time, don't know.
  • Ok I gess, haven't been in other cities
  • Yeah
  • Not particularly
  • it's like any city to be single in, you find what you look for
  • I have been married fro 21 years, what does “single” mean? lol
  • NOT!
  • I haven't been single in over 12 years so I can't remember
  • I was barely old enough to be single in this city–I've been in a relationship every year since I was 18.
  • hell no
  • It's okay
  • Don't know what city it would be good to be single in
  • I guess. There is a lot of men.
  • Only if you're young.
  • I have no point of reference for this
  • I haven't been single the entire time I've lived here
  • hmmm, i don't know. maybe i will soon.
  • Yes, if you like rig pigs
  • yes and no. theres too many variables to give a definitive answer.
  • Absolutely


What would make Edmontonians more attractive?
  • fashion sense
  • Hall parties with live bands
  • Lose the blue-jeans and t-shirts.
  • Less machismo!
  • More sun and more sun clothes.
  • There are plenty of attractive Edmontonians. And attractiveness is very subjective anyway.
  • being polite and having manners
  • More clothes for girls. Less douchebag men.
  • A greater appreciation of their own city.
  • Guys, you really need to do less macho cowboy shit and use your brains more. Hillbilly redneck not so hot.
  • Less of a focus on personal wealth.
  • Attitude adjustments
  • More bohemians
  • More cross-dressing
  • More effort on fitness. And personal style.
  • Dressing for success. Skirts and propper fitting clothing, less ball caps and track pants.
  • We are already a sexy bunch. Have you walked outside lately? I can't make a step without seeing a good looking girl or handsome guy. We are really lucky this way.
  • A miracle
  • Intellect and Imagination
  • Get to the gym! Walk More! Bring back Free Love!
  • Lose the AB Calvanistic attitudes! Sex is normal & good.
  • Less douche-y confidence. The guys are assholes sometimes and too full of themselves, and it's such an unattractive quality. I don't know if it's the disposable income or what, but the bros on Whyte and Jasper are just horrible…
  • Maybe if we all stopped getting shacked up and married by the age of twenty-fucking-three??
  • More diverse ideas and wordly-ness.
  • More facial hair, cleaner bedrooms, less douchey follow-through after sex.
  • Less negativity More love for our beautiful city
  • huh,,, there is someone for everyone
  • If they weren't on their phones, or hitting on sluts.
  • If age didn't matter so much.
  • Stay active all year round and don't get so damn lazy/casual when it comes to getting dressed.
  • If they refrained from going on and on about Edmonton's shitty sports teams all the time
  • less big trucks.
  • More awareness of feminist/queer topics.
  • I find the women very approachable, nice all good .
  • To talk about sex, relationship freely and live to try new experiences with people. People here is too closed and its hard to start any type of relationship with.
  • I dunno. Edmontonians are pretty damned attractive as it is. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I think Edmontonians are no different than people from any other city. Some are very attractive, others less so. All are fuckable.


Historically, my best sex has been with:
My longtime partner 57%
My fuck-buddy 22%
My ex 9%
Someone I met last night 3%
Other 10%
A professional 0%


In the last year have you had sex outdoors in Edmonton?
Yes 30%
No 32%
I wish 38%


What’s the best place to have sex outdoors in Edmonton?
  • Anywhere
  • River Valley
  • On your bosses art installation
  • anywhere where there are no bugs
  • Top level of a downtown parkade, after hours. A little bit of risk, a nice brightly lit view, and the chance that somebody is watching from a neighbouring building.
  • I won't give that info up.
  • Please let me know!
  • Nooks in rivervalley
  • Benches at the top of the hill overlooking fox drive
  • Just about anyplace….use your imagination!
  • there's lots of nice hidden away spots in the river valley that you are unlikely to be discovered
  • I always wanted to do it in Kinsmen Park (the playground) No idea why!
  • My ex's rooftop garden. I was cheated that I didn't get to make use of it before he dumped me.
  • washrooms in high end hotels
  • In the Heritage Festival tents at Hawrelak Park.
  • Does your van out front of house count?
  • parks with trees,,,,
  • Behind Knox church.
  • That park on 109th street right before the High Level Bridge Southbound.
  • River valley, balcony, back alleys off whyte
  • I found a railing on a path overlooking the river valley. it was intense
  • On the top of the new skyscraper condo building downtown that's currently under construction … while base jumping
  • Any hill that offers a view of the downtown skyline.


In the past year have you used pornography with a partner?
Yes 42%
No 44%
I wish 10%
I wouldn't 4%


In the past year have you engaged in bondage?
Yes 27%
No 54%
I wish 15%
I wouldn't 4%


What’s the next kinky thing you want to try:
  • Electrostimulation
  • basically tried all i want to
  • Anal
  • threesome
  • I want a rusty trombone
  • Spitroasted with two other men
  • Anal play…FOR ME
  • Water sex.
  • Inviting in another couple.
  • handcuffs
  • Paddling
  • Group lesbian sex
  • More roughness, choking and stuff
  • Mmf 3some
  • cupping
  • Strap-on sex
  • Having a group watch my partner and I have sex while the group tells us what to do.
  • To give anal to a girl.
  • creative positions, different places in house
  • Bondage
  • whip cream
  • A threesome with two F that are sisters!
  • Too many too mention.
  • fisting – is that kinky?
  • threesome or moresome
  • I want to get a guy really hard in public and then abandon him.
  • Getting fucked by my boyfriend while a crowd watches at a bathhouse.
  • I'm open. Just stay away from my bum
  • FOOD and sex.
  • It involves her and a strap on
  • double penetration
  • Pegging a male partner
  • The two girls down stairs together,working on it
  • group sex (5+ people)
  • whipping
  • Something in public.
  • submission to a strong woman


Describe your current sex life in one sentence:
  • Regular cozy sex with my partner with sprinkles of threeways
  • pretty good – wish my husband was into open relationships though
  • A dream come true, finally.
  • I get what I need
  • sexless marriage
  • I love where I am in my life – my sex life is awesome!
  • Extremely fulfilling
  • Fickle
  • Satisfying, but not very adventurous.
  • hot
  • Fun!
  • Great if not for lack of location.
  • Newborn baby at home, not yet back in the saddle . . .
  • Highly familiar newlyweds
  • Am so lucky to be in an open marriage where all my fantasies come true!
  • Pornstar worthy
  • Decent enough, but few and far between.
  • Sex positive polyamorous adventurous sex worker.
  • busy
  • Our sex is better than the actual relationship.
  • On hiatus, partner recently had surgury and isn't able to participate.
  • non existent
  • Online video wanking with strangers
  • Incredible for after 50-65. Almost every day.
  • Me, myself, and I
  • The best sex of my life so far and lots of it
  • nonexistent and lacking hope; Solitary.
  • Wish I could find people w/out socialtal/family/religious hang ups that are mature (in mind) & self assured. Where are you?
  • lacking
  • reasonable
  • Boring
  • Sporadic at best. Nonexistant at worst.
  • a complicated adventure in pleasure and growth
  • Like hot coals smouldering. Except with lots and lots of cum.
  • Better than our relationship
  • I'm a lucky guy
  • Recently single
  • Hopeful …
  • Hell, is anyone there?
  • Robust
  • Slowly recovering from a sexual disorder
  • Infrequent
  • We're perfect for each other because we're both bad!
  • Mutually fulfilling, sloppy, consistent, drunk and wet.
  • On the downward slope on frequency,
  • fairly satisfying
  • random
  • GPA > STI
  • Seeking new adventures and knowledge to please myself and my partner
  • My sex life is varied, exciting and not at all shabby for an old fart.
  • Fell in love with my fuck buddy, so there is no sex-life anymore.


Have you ever been late for work because you were too busy having sex?
Absolutely 62%
Never 38%


Tell us about it
  • Basically the question is the answer. I was late for work because I was having sex.
  • Woke up and wanted to have sex instead of getting ready for work. End of story.
  • Girlfriend lived near campus.
  • Wasn't actually “work,” but was a rehearsal. And I was late due to a quicky.
  • You get in that moment where you know you are going to be late… but say “f**k it” and keep going.
  • Spent a couple of months away from my girl, and when she returned home we made up for lost time that next morning.
  • We're usually pretty good about having sex while we have no immediate responsibilities to account for.
  • When I was on home call, decided to finish before going back in.
  • When my girlfriend (now wife) first moved in I went to work earlier than her. She would get up and make my lunch while I showered. She loved grabbing me at the door for “one more thing” before I left. Wild sex in the front hall, against the door or on the floor.
  • Back in university, when my partner and I were fucking like rabbits, I was constantly late for work. Good times.
  • Going home for Lunch Time Quickie with the Mrs. Hard to get back to work on time after that.
  • Nope! Something's are best left as a treasured memory to hug all to myself.
  • What's to tell? You have sex in the morning you take your chances.
  • popped home for lunch and so did my girl,,, I didn't know she was going home,, but as the lunch warmed up in the microwave,, she needed a little appetizer,,,next thing we know we were on the living floor,, going ” holy shit,, we gotta go to work” hahahaha
  • My ex's motto was, sex will only increase his work performance so he is allowed to be late.
  • Nothing much to say, it was as described. Nothing special I would just rather fuck than be at work.
  • “I have to leave in five minutes” “Just let me suck you” “ahhhh fine”
  • We have always have enjoy morning sex. Our minister told us that if are partner was to tried,at night catch it in the morning .
  • my girlfriend wanted me to stay home from work, so she offered up sex in return. we had a quickie and i went to work anyway.
  • I was a teacher and coordinator of a high school and sometimes my girlfriend comes over to my place to have a conversation, eat something and when things start to get hot, I was always missing my coordinator time, but never the teaching time.


Do you check out the bathroom cabinets of a love interest? If yes, what do you look for? What have you found?
  • Lube, condoms. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  • yes, looking for Q-tips and a hairbrush
  • Herpes medication
  • Nope, I don't usually snoop like that.
  • Looking at which meds they are on, if any.
  • No. I try not to be that snoopy.
  • People don't keep their sexy stuff in the bathroom cabinet, they keep in their nightstand drawer (duh). All you're going to find in there is ear ointment and other nasty crap.
  • Not really, because 99% of them have the same boring things.
  • Yes, for toilet paper.
  • Yes, I just like to snoop. Haven't found anything out of the ordinary yet.
  • I don't. I could care less.
  • Yes. Lube, or evidence of other guys.
  • Drugs. One is too many. Time for me to move on.
  • I try not to snoop but it's very tempting. It's been a long time though, so I don't remember anything I've found that's been interesting.
  • Shaving cream, razors, toothbrush, no hair products, nice smelling deodorant, toilet paper (this is important–a guy who doesn't stock up on toilet paper is not very good at planning ahead, and that says something…)
  • I actually avoid checking too closely! I like the mystery of not knowing why they smell so good.
  • of course,,, checking for anything that might indicate she's really into sex,,, toys etc,,, haven't found anything yet,,
  • I look for toothpaste and Qtips. I usually find both. I don't think I've found anything 'weird'.
  • Creams prescription (bad) or love cream
  • no. i trust they arent diseased.
  • Creepy. No way, maaaaan.


Have you ever had sex interrupted by a lover stopping to answer the phone/reply to a text?
No 51%
Yes, but afterward we started up again 34%
No, but I've stopped to answer the phone/reply to a text 11%
Yes, and the sex stopped there 4%


Have you ever re-gifted a sex toy?
I’m not giving mine up 65%
I don’t have any to re-gift 30%
Sure, but it was still in the box 5%
Sure, they’re going to use it for the same thing I did 0%


The role you played in your first three-way was:
Never done one 67%
Special guest star 15%
One half of the couple 18%


In your current relationship:
Romance and sex are equally important 62%
Sex matters more than romance 23%
Romance is what it’s all about 10%
We sleep in separate beds 5%


The furthest you usually go with someone on a first sexual encounter is:
  • All the way
  • if its a one night stand – probably anything. If its the first time in a relationship, keep in minimal til we have felt out eachother a bit.
  • I'll eat a girl out and have sex with a condom
  • as far as they want
  • oral
  • I've stopped at oral before – but really if everyone's there to party…
  • sky's the limit
  • As a married person I'm not allowed to think about this anymore…
  • kissing
  • All the way, if I knew enough about their past to make the decision.
  • all in
  • However far she is willing to go.
  • I go down on a girl
  • petting
  • Depends on her. Blindfolds & Bondage? Too Soon?
  • Depends on the person. Why be rigid?
  • as far as I feel like going – whatever I want to do
  • Making out
  • vaginal
  • Poppers, pot and condoms, baby.
  • How far can I go?
  • Lets be honest, if sparks are flying, all the way.
  • ALL THE WAY. I hope.
  • Aside from fucking? If she seems clean to me I'll go down on her.
  • Anal…but always use protection
  • whatever she is comfortable with
  • Sexual? Or dating? It depends.
  • Anything, seriously.
  • As far as mutually agreeable.
  • Whatever feels right.


It's sexier sharing:
A midnight skinny dip for two 33%
A steamy shower for two 22%
Some hot tub time for two 22%
A candlelit bath for two 10%
A party of more than two 14%


Tell us more
  • no .. pervs
  • No.
  • Have had some pretty decent shower sex in the past. Look forward to doing it again in the future.
  • I love taking baths with my boyfriend. It is absolutely the most relaxing experience.
  • My wife and I get busier in our shower far more than we do in bed and we love it. Probably 3 out of every 4 times.
  • Anything goes!
  • There is a place in the Black sea, where just before the storm you get whole bunch of fluorescent plankton swimming up to surface. That would be the perfect time for a skinny dip for two.
  • the excitement of being out, especially if somewhere where you can get caught and are trespassing, the night sky, reflection of the water, it all creates a very romantic yet highly stimulating atmosphere. It's best when the two haven't had sex yet, because the suggestion of sex is in the air, but there is still room for teasing and play
  • Camping is nice, but the midnight skinny dip with the girls from the camp next door? Priceless.
  • Why limit ones self.
  • Starlit hot tub night, out in the dark in winter, cradled in snow and Northern Lights while he's jacking me off from behind… nothing better.
  • what can I say,,, skinny dipping is exciting and gets the blood moving,,, there is always that risk of getting caught,,,
  • Never done it, but would love to try
  • Our shower has blue LED lights and a rain showerhead that totally set the mood for hot sex
  • Just the way your skin feels slippery and tingles when embrace in long kiss and working it.
  • ive done all of those except the hot tub thats why i picked it.
  • Well, its kind implicit butm hot tube, people naked, it can fit 2 or more. You can appreciate your partner body, you can tease to his/her limit, and everything ends with a happy ending.
  • Fun is much more essential to my sex life these days than romance is.
  • These are all potentially terrible options. See below: 1. Skinny dip = penis shrink. Not sexy. 2. Steamy shower + soap = slippery. Nobody likes a goose egg, and I don't think an unconscious person can give consent… ;( 3. Have you ever had that thing happen to you where you sit too long in a hot tub and then black out when you stand up? Or prune fingers. See above: not sexy. 4. Prune fingers. Someone's hair (or pubic hair, even worse) catches on fire. 5. Who does this party include? If it's Gramma Mae's 82nd Birthday Extravaganza, I have a feeling that a spontaneous orgy might not go over well with the group. Well, for most of us, at least.


The idea of watching someone you find attractive masturbate is:
Thrilling anytime 65%
Thrilling, but only if the person is aware she or he is being watched 29%
A total turn-off 6%


The idea of watching someone you find attractive have sex with someone else is:
Thrilling anytime 39%
Thrilling, but only if the person is aware she or he is being watched 27%
A total turn-off 34%


The idea of being watched by someone while you have sex with someone else is:
Thrilling anytime 42%
Thrilling, but only if the person is aware she or he is being watched 23%
A total turn-off 35%


Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?
Once 52%
Never, and I wouldn’t try 13%
More than once 8%
No, but I'd do it for the right person 28%


If yes, how did you manage the sexual part of the relationship?
  • Masturbation, masturbation, masturbation
  • They had to come for visits. Or allow be in open relationship.
  • Lots of sexting, and LOTS of dirty pictures.
  • phone sex and a lot of trust
  • I always blow it, its not her its me
  • Fornicated as often as possible when we were together
  • Cam sex.
  • Not well. The relationship didn't last all that long after it turned long distance.
  • Skype
  • Phone sex, sexting, writing our own erotic stories and sending them back and forth.
  • We didn't, and that's why we broke up. Lazy bastard wouldn't drive three hours for sex. My husband traveled 1200km by bus when we were dating just to do it!
  • Skype, erotic letters, and sexting.
  • FaceTime
  • Honestly, we didn't. It didn't go very far.
  • We didn't because the physical immediacy of a partner is too important a component for me.
  • Phone sex. Which usually degenerated into me telling a sexy story. I lost interest as soon as that bullshit started happening.
  • Phone and webcam
  • We texted incredibly raunchy messages, to the point where I felt nervous letting anybody use my phone. I got a USB stick so I could have high-speed internet access because I wanted to watch him jerk off. And I made sure I always had my own bedroom while I was away, so I could play with myself while he told me on the phone how much he wanted to cum inside me.
  • Make a few extra trips hear or ther. Learned how nice phone sex can be. And gotten in shit for falling asleep while on the phone
  • when we got together,, it was great,,, but distance made it too hard to do,, and we drifted apart,,, mentally and physically,,,
  • We skyped.
  • Monogamish
  • Skype sex and sexy texts.
  • A whole lot of awkward straddling of my lap top whilst on Skype.
  • Skype, sexting, photos. Lots of phone sex.
  • I didn't
  • Trying to meet as most as we could. But, some women really need a man besides her to give support and care for. Its hard to find independent women these days.
  • Visits


Have you ever worn the same clothes to work two days in a row because you didn’t make it home the night before?
Sure, no biggie 68%
I'd phone in sick before getting busted by my colleagues 30%
I have and there were consequences 1%


Tell us about it
  • blue collar job, not a big deal
  • Pretty self explanatory. I don't think anyone noticed though, because it was a work uniform.
  • I stayed over at a guy's house to have sex. There was a blizzard overnight and I couldn't make it home to change clothes. I was student teaching at the time, and Jr. High kids are generally pretty stupid and didn't notice my repeat of outfit or completely unkempt hair.
  • I change into work clothes at work. The guys either didn't notice or didn't care enough to say anything.
  • I stayed over for a night. No one noticed. It helps to have a toothbrush and other items of personal hygiene in a car.
  • It wasn't sex related…but no one really noticed either way.
  • It only makes you more desirable
  • Not a big deal. Good grief!
  • I've only done it once or twice but my current partner used to do it all the time because he slept at my place almost every night from shortly after we met until we moved into together 4 months later.
  • too many times to remember
  • I have a change of clothes in my office…never a problem…
  • If I did this, it wouldn't be because of a one-night stand or probably anything remotely sexual
  • not much to tell. i work with mostly men and they really didnt care.
  • The walk of shame is bad enough.
  • Not much to say. Girlfriend invites to stay over, things happens, I get late to go home, she's naughty, I say yes, and we do. Usually I sleep naked, preserving the clothes for the next day.
  • A manager once pointed out that my shirt was inside out and that it 'look[ed] a lot like the one [I] wore yesterday'. We both laughed and carried on with our day.


Have you ever used a hook-up app? Tell us about it.
  • Constantly. My partner and I still use it to find a third for the occasional play and to chat with each other.
  • No
  • Nope. Back when I was regularly dating apps weren't really a thing.
  • AUGH. So many men with significant others. Skeezy!
  • Nope. Girls don't have to use those things, we are rarely that desperate.
  • Aff. Have met couple and singles for my husband and I to share and play individually. Lots of sifting required, people play games.
  • Met a few women through online hookup site. Had fun and parted ways usually. Ended up dating a couple.
  • Yes! It works, but stay choosy & trust your gut!
  • No but I've done a lot of on-line dating and phone dating services.
  • I used Scruff to stalk, and Grindr to hook up. Quality varied widely: a fantastic lithe little top with slick shoes, a douchey gamer who smelled like old beer, a playboy nurse who let me give him a blowjob and then ignored me at the club all night while he danced with his other friends, a hot and goofy tall guy who wanted to act out the sex scenes in a movie we watched, an ex's ex-boyfriend who wanted to stalk me but ended up becoming one of my best friends, a plant installation designer who told me how I could use one of my houseplants as booby trap before he fucked me senseless and shared his poppers with me…
  • Grindr – Mixed results…Some great hot and fun sex…other times if the chemistry doesn't exist it just feels like going through the motions…
  • Nope. Does such a thing exists?


What’s the best part about using an online dating site?
  • Is there any?
  • meeting people you wouldn't otherwise meet in your group of friends
  • Couldn't say
  • Actually being able to meet gay men. They're too hard to find IRL besides in gay bars.
  • Getting to filter out creepy guys before you meet anyone.
  • I find people are pretty open minded when you meet online.
  • You don't have to deal with over-crowded loud bars.
  • Nothing
  • Saves time
  • The /potential/ to meet awesome people.
  • it sucks
  • the fantasy
  • Possibilities!
  • you can chat with the person before meeting them and get a sense of whether you're compatible. If you don't like them, you never have to acknowledge them again.
  • Way easier to filter out douchebags and ugly people.
  • Pre screening
  • Intentions are clearly stated.
  • No reliance on networking
  • Variety
  • Being able to filter through huge swaths of people quickly
  • Discovering how much more sane you are than most people
  • broadens the horizon
  • None, its really hard to find someone.
  • Lots of choice
  • I've never used one


What the worst part about using an online dating site?
  • When the Province mocks it with the latest syphilis prevention campaign
  • all the husband/wifes who want an addition. Its constant pm's from them.
  • blind dates and meet creeps
  • all the losers and fakes out there
  • Lots of the men are disappointing.
  • Being judged solely on a small set of provided info.
  • Guys who won't take no for an answer!
  • Inaccurate descriptions of looks/personality.
  • Everybody is lieing to you, even a little bit.
  • You can't see the person alive and pictures don't cut it.
  • Surprises
  • The fact that most of the people turn out to be douchebags.
  • boring weather talk, no ability to judge chemistry, no spark
  • the reality
  • Lack of “truth in advertising”!
  • you get a barrage of creepy messages from creepy people who open by asking you your bra size
  • People's intentions aren't always clear.
  • People lie
  • Everything. Young people don' t use online dating sites for serious relationships.
  • Everyone keeps asking for your photo.
  • Everyone is so damn shy to meet in person. Like, just plan a date to a public place! What could possibly happen?
  • Dealing with all the trolly, lame messages
  • Race and age discrimination
  • Nothing
  • Most people are insane weirdos
  • Everything, its harder than in real life.


What would you most like to change about your current sex life?
  • STIs, I would extinguish every of them and forget about latex barriers
  • That my husband would not have a foreskin, and maybe gain another inch or two.
  • More anal. It's just so dirty and thrilling. But we're both pretty inexperienced with it, and my penis is a bit too large for her comfort. I don't like to ask for it, but I would love to indulge in it more often. She gives great head, but it's always in the foreplay context. I wouldn't mind it if she sucked me off from start to finish now and again, but I feel selfish asking for it.
  • have more sex
  • I would like a sex life
  • Nothing
  • More adventure, and another couple to have some fun with.
  • nothing! I love it!
  • I want a better place to have sex; my bed sucks.
  • A return to a greater emphasis on fore-play and less get right down to business.
  • No more working late nights and evenings. It makes spontaneous sex harder to come by!
  • Would love to know everyone was disease free
  • More sex with my current partner and opening her up to do riskier, more spontaneous things.
  • I would like a primary partner.
  • Be more adventurous. Attempting new kinks instead of just talking about them or fantasizing about them.
  • I would like to have one. After a divorce I can't get myself a partner, and I don't want to use a help of a professional.
  • Nothing. it is incredible and totally unexpected at my age 60+ with a new partner who does not live with me. Almost every day.
  • I'd like to actually have one.
  • have a sandy beach closer by
  • I would like to have a sex life currently.
  • Get it back on track! Getting there.
  • more, more, more
  • To match my husband's sex drive, or to at least meet in the middle somewhere.
  • I wish I had a regular partner who would actually say, admit we were dating? That would be nice.
  • I wish my boyfriend's dick was a little smaller – it's so wide that it's hard to take sometimes!
  • I need a girlfriend
  • Well I suppose it would be nice to have one. Yeah, that would be a good change.
  • Not be afraid to try new things and express my needs
  • More sex
  • More adventurous, more often
  • I wish my roommate would stay at her boyfriends more often so that we could be louder.
  • The lack of other fun couples for long term dating
  • i want more spontaneous sex
  • More partners, maybe? Or even a independent girl that is honest to her desires, open minded and willing to share.
  • I'm thinking about giving up sex. Age is making it more difficult to get it up.
  • There would be more sex. I'm basically out of the game at the moment.


What phrase best describes you in bed?
  • I'm pretty kinky, but if the sex isnt going that great then i just get uninterested.
  • Passionate and willing.
  • kinky
  • energetic
  • I have good stamina, and like to make sure my lady friend gets off first.
  • super kinky and horny
  • Open mind
  • Flexible (in attitude, not my body).
  • Aerobic
  • A lady in the streets,- freak in the sheets!
  • Most of my satisfaction comes from the satisfaction of whoever I'm in bed with, so I guess you could say I'm a giver.
  • Happy
  • My wife says adventurous.
  • nothing is off limits
  • Passionate & romantic.
  • Don't really know yet
  • always ready to rock n roll
  • a caring, thoughtful lover
  • Fabulous! Keeping an open mind to possibilities & a sense of humour (no spite ever) goes a VERY long way. Truly enjoying sex & keeping in the moment is equally important.
  • currently – boring and reserved – that sucks and it needs to change
  • diligent
  • Submissive in a good way
  • Sexy, sexy tofu.
  • This side up.
  • The Energizer
  • aggresive
  • Willing to learn; lets do it.
  • A stallion
  • Thank my yoga instructor
  • Unsure
  • Insecure
  • Up for anything consensual.
  • workhorse
  • “Yonder stands the sinner / He calls my name / without a sound / To get down.”
  • A guy doing his best to please
  • Experimental
  • Eager to please


Masturbation: how many times per day is too many?
  • When it starts hurting to pee
  • 3
  • 3? 4? 5?
  • None. Your body is there to be pleasured! ESPECIALLY by yourself!
  • When it hurts? I've done it more than once in a day before – but not more than twice.
  • When it starts to hurt.
  • No such thing as too many.
  • If you have friction burns you should probably take a break.
  • Never too many
  • When your junk starts to hurt, you should stop.
  • Depends on the length of each session. Maybe double digits.
  • If you cause friction burns try to cut back.
  • 5
  • when you stop wanting intercourse
  • Too many? You've got to be kidding!
  • 6 or more
  • When it starts getting raw, or starts fucking your plans, it's too much.
  • When it's making you late for shit you have to do.
  • 7
  • Get to work, go meet people, try to make that solo session for two. If you cant do those things, your spending to much time masturbating.
  • 10?
  • N-E-V-E-R-E-N-O-U-G-H, love yr labia.
  • As often as you feel like it is fine.
  • 37
  • 316


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