See what’s on the slab


You won’t have mixin’s to lick around anymore if you don’t visit the Marble Slab

It was the “Made Fresh Daily” sign that inspired my wife and
me to choose Marble Slab over Whyte Avenue’s many other ice cream
parlours, and as we opened the door, the scent of baking waffle cones
enveloped us. The warm Saturday evening had drawn a crowd, so we took a
number from the old-fashioned dispenser and waited. The line moved quickly,
but it turned out we needed time for the decision that faced us. Be warned:
if you find choosing between vanilla and chocolate to be more than a little
overwhelming, this is not the place for you.
Each of the 22 flavours sounded binge-worthy on their own: amaretto or black
walnut would be fantastic, but what about “apple ’n’
spice” or the intriguingly named “birthday cake”? I decided
upon cinnamon, mainly because I’ve never had it, while my wife went
with sweet cream. This, of course, is only the first decision you’ll
have to make, and it’s the next stage that will make your visit truly
Forget all about “sprinkles.” Sprinkles are for babies. Here at
Marble Slab, you have to choose a “mixin’” to go with your
ice cream. After my beloved bride selected Graham crackers and I opted for
Fudgee-O’s, we watched with amazement as our mixin’s were folded
into our generous dollops of ice cream on top of the water-cooled marble slab
which gives the parlour its name. Mixin’s included a variety of nuts,
fruit, crushed cookies or chocolate bars, as well as mini marshmallows, Gummi
bears and cookie dough. All in all, we counted 29 options, with tantalizing
combinations limited only by your imagination.
As we watched our creations taking shape on the slab, we realized we had one
last choice remaining: the vessel within which our ice cream would be brought
into the world. As usual, defaulting to a simple plastic dish is an option,
but if you’re going to go for that, you might as well have stayed home
and mixed a crushed-up bag of Oreos into a bucket of Safeway vanilla. Rather,
I highly recommend the freshly baked waffle cones or bowls; available either
in vanilla sugar or cinnamon, a cone can be dipped in white or dark
chocolate, then rolled in sprinkles, peanuts, crushed Butterfinger or Skor
bars—plastic dish, my ass. I decided on the Skor-rolled dark chocolate
cone, while my wife took the white chocolate cone rolled in sprinkles. We
found after reading the brochure that, with only one flavour, one
mixin’ and a cone, there are 12,180 options to explore, and
that’s not even counting the frozen yogurt, soft serve, shakes, baked
goods or ice cream cakes.

Every first taste at Marble Slab is done with the eyes closed. It’s
seriously that good. Cinnamon ice cream hit my tongue with a taste as truly
wondrous as it sounds, and when I encountered some Fudgee-O, the flavour
soared into the stratosphere. Unable to resist, I braved the perils of
meltflow by nibbling a bit of my cone—fantastic! As my taste buds went
into paroxysms of delight, I heard little breathless coos from my wife. Her
eyes were closed, a dreamy half-smile on her lips as she tasted her sweet
cream with Graham cracker. We traded cones to sample, heartily endorsed each
other’s selections, then grabbed our own back.
We each had a cone with one flavour and one mixin’ for $4.39
(additional mixin’s are 75 cents each). Getting your cone dipped will
run you 95 cents, and a roll is an additional 30. We exited Marble Slab, and
soaked in the glory of being the envy of everyone we passed for about $12.
And with two stamps on the loyalty card and three to go, I figure I should be
enjoying my free cone by this time next week. V

Marble Slab
10358 82 Ave • 433-3636

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