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Ryan’s Gig Bag


You don't need much but this is what I carry to the side of the stage with me. From left to right, top to bottom:

• Music – People always ask what I'm listening to. I often have my favourite new CD to share with others, and right now it's local cellist Josephine Van Lier's four-CD solo Bach recording. Brilliant, buy it! Classical music will enrich your life and make you better.

• Used Strings – If I break a string on stage, I use old strings because they're tried and true. I can change a string while telling a story.

• Musician Earplugs – These are moulded to fit my ears and allow some frequencies in while blocking out the damaging loudness. I don't wear them on stage but rather when the other acts play. I feel way better in the morning and I don't strain my voice as much.

• Different coloured pens – For making on-the-fly posters, set lists, lyrics and even autographs (most of my CDs are black so a silver pen is handy).

• Gum – First impressions. I stole this pack from Eden's desk at Vue … he'll never notice that it's gone.

• Keys? Nope, Alarm system – Protect your gear.

• Throat Coat Tea – Smoking and drinking before a show doesn't help. Switch to this if you sing for a living.

• Tylenol/Gravol/Benylin/Immodium – Self-explanatory. Have them on you as sickness always comes at the worst time.

• Slippery Elm Lozenges (as well as singer spray) – If you lose your voice use these from any natural store. Avoid sugary formulas—they will dry your voice out.

• iPhone – Hype schmype! I have vocal exercises on this, and do the mileage, take calls, record, tune my guitar and check email. Life is easier with it.

• F&M CD – I always have an F&M CD and business cards on me. The CD should be open for those important contacts.

• CREDIT CARD – If you're touring you'll need a credit card for a lot. Talk to your bank about options. We use a VISA points card.

• TOOLS – Needle-nose pliers and mini screwdriver.

• Extra batteries – Should be on stage with you.

• Flushable baby wipes – are a godsend. Sometimes it's your only shower for a while.

• Matches – You never know.

• Duct Tape – Music will make you a MacGyver!

• Aveda Lip Balm – Microphones kill my lips and this stuff works well!

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