ReVue: The Famines / Paper Single


The Famines
Paper Single
(Psychic Handshake)
Three Stars

It’s been four years of occasional live shows but no new releases from Edmonton expats the Famines, but the rock ’n’ roll duo—guitarist/vocalist Raymond Biesinger and drum-buster Drew Demers—seems to be heralding a return with this paper single. It comes in the form of a 20” by 30” double-sided newsprint artwork (designed by Biesinger, who, as you may know, has a way with illustration) and a download code.

In terms of distribution model, it means you get a cool thing for your wall, and a couple of new Famines songs. In terms of the music, it’s a one-two punch of sweaty rock ‘n’ roll groovers and amplifier burn-outs, falling into in fine lockstep with the spartan excellence that’s long been the Famines’ stock-in-trade. “Stay Home Club” plays with levels—Biesinger’s buzzing guitar rides a simple groove until it drops out, leaving just drums and voice before the chorus launches into a chaotic flurry— while “Who Wants Disarmament?” takes a slow-burn approach, is as much about ominous mood as groove. There’s talk of a new Famines LP sometime later this year, too; if this is a sign of what’s to come, it serves as the best kind of portent.



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