Quick Spins

Civil Twilight, Fjord Rowboat, Crash Test Dummies

Civil Twilight
Civil Twilight

Coldplay plus Police
Times three handsome dudes equals
Mainstream boner squad

Fjord Rowboat
Under the Cover of Brightness

Amazing album
Like a drunk, drooping penis
This just can't be beat

Crash Test Dummies
Oooh La La!
(Deep Fried)

What the fucking fuck?
You read it right amigo
Foghorn Brad returns

Enter Shikari
Common Dreads
(Ambush Reality)

Perfect music for
Movie where Riggs & Murtaugh
Bust up a huge rave

Black Rebel Motorcyle Club
Beat the Devil's Tattoo

Fuzzy, dank basslines
Plus cavernous handclappin'
What's not to love here?

Dr Dog
Shame Shame

Once when REALLY drunk
I saw these guys SHRED live, but
I swear they were black

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