Quick Spins

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 Artist: Innerpartysystem
 Album: Innerpartysystem
 Label: Island
 Hyperactive kids 

 Mix electronics with shit

 Somewhere Kraftwerk weeps

 Artist: Raphael
 Album: The
Way I See It
 Label: Sony BMG
 Letter-perfect soul!
 I’m not being an a-hole
 It’s Gaye and Smokey!
 Artist: Pussycat Dolls
 Album: Doll Domination
 Label: Interscope
 It is well produced
 But you’ll need penicillin
 For this skankathon
 Artist: Honeymoon Suite
 Album: Clifton Hall
 Label: Koch
 Even back when folks
 Actually gave a shit, this
 Wouldn’t pass muster
 Artist: Steve Howe
 Album: Motif Volume 1
 Label: Howesound
 He looks Yoda-esque
 But will fans of Yes like it? No!
 But is it good? Yes!
 Artist: Bette Midler
 Album: Jackpot! The best Bette
 Label: Rhino
 An awesome actress
 This syrupy pukefest is
 Wind beneath my pants!
 Artist: The Gods of Now
 Album: Broken
 Label: Moonbabe
 Meathead date rape rock
 “Electrodes on my Nutmeat”
 Too sad to poke fun
 Artist: Colby O’Donis
 Album: Colby O’Donis
 Label: Geffen
 Michael Jackson-esque
 Nicely done without all that
 Sweet baby danglin’
 Artist: Robin Thicke
 Album: Something Else
 Label: Universal
 A lil bit Curtis
 a lil bit Isaac Hayes, he’s
 The White Black Moses

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