Quick Spins

David Cross It’s Not Funny (Sub Pop) Yes, it is. Various Artists When
Cancon Rocked (Bullseye) Moxy. Klaatu. Segarini. Hellfield. Lennex. This is
our legacy? Who are these fucking clowns? Is this some kind of Yankee ploy to
make Canadians look retarded? This low-rent piece of shit cobbles together
live tracks, studio outtakes and unreleased material from some of the most
embarrassing bands ever to sully Canada’s good name. High(low)lights
include a Led Zeppelin tribute band (WTF?) and a bunch of covers of American
songs. Special mention for the worst Photoshop cover job ever. Sophie B.
Hawkins Wilderness (Trumpet Swan) Sophie serves up candy-coated poop nuggets.
Damn! I wish this disc was over. Salim Nourallah Polaroid (Western Vinyl)
Salim asks “Where were you in 1978?” I was probably sitting in
the back seat of our wood-paneled station wagon, heading out to the lake with
George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass playing on the eight-track.
Obviously, Nourallah’s disc is a tad more contemporary-sounding, but it
has the same mellow-yet-driving formula that the quiet Beatle was so fond of.
Not too many peaks or valleys; just a nice 45-minute ride across the
prairies. Uncut Those Who Were Hung Hang Here (Paperbag) A steady eighth-note
urgency makes this yet another excellent driving album. No lovely cruises
through the countryside here though. No, this is the kind of stuff that gets
me photo radar tickets. Man, I hate those fucking guys.

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