Quick Spins

Lightning Round

Gary Numan Live in London (Eagle) 17 songs that sound vaguely like
“Cars” and one song that sounds exactly like “Cars.”
Lowgold Welcome to Winners (Sanctuary) Sleek, hummable lite-rock that I was
quite enjoying until it dawned on me that it’s basically a 45-minute
version Semisonic’s “Closing Time.” Chrome Yellow Co. Red
Light Runners (Northern Light) Yowza. This album kicks my ass. Something
wicked awesome this way comes. Various Artists Tantra Lounge: Exotic Indian
Electronica (Water Music) Great soundtrack music for your next Indian porno
flick. (Insert “Ballywood” joke here.) John and the Sisters John
and the Sisters (Northern Blues) Outtasight blues from the garage and the
great beyond. The perfect combination of croak and swagger. Novanova Memories
(F Communications) Novanova: boringboring! The Mammals Rock That Babe
(Signature Sounds) Standard-issue folky bluegrass, but the banjo is smoking.
Pipi Skid Funny Farm (Peanuts and Corn) The first wave of Buck 65 wannabes is
here. At least Skid was first at something. David Mead Indiana (Nettwerk)
Sort of like Paul Simon at his sleepytime best. Knoc-turn’al The Way I
Am (Elektra) Okay, lemme get this straight. You’re tough, you grew up
in the hood and you got a real big dick. Wow, groundbreaking shit, man. Trey
Anastasio Seis De Mayo (Elektra) That title roughly translates to
“pretentious douchebag” and leaves one wondering, did Michael
Eisner commission this? Prince Musicology (NPG) Like rich cheesecake, you
take a bite and you’re all “Holy shit, dude, this is FUCKING
AMAZING.” Then after 10 mouthfuls you puke and fall into a diabetic
coma. Various Artists CKUA Alive From the Vault: Volume 1 (independent) A
noble station, a fine disc! Consume! CONSUME! Eric Clapton Me and Mr. Johnson
(Reprise) A fitting testament, but what exactly was wrong with Robert
Johnson’s versions? Ember Swift Disarming (Few’ll Ignite) As the
owner of a Y chromosome, I am fortunately immune to this armpit folk
bullshit. The Bigger Lovers This Affair Never Happened… And Here Are Eleven
Songs About It (Yep Roc) Peppy pickers put pen to paper and produce pleasant
pop pizzazz. Castlenine Distorto Pop Syrup (independent) Firstbanditis
abounds. Production and playing are passable, but the songs need a serious

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