Quick Spins

Arrested Development
Since The Last

Hip hop’s consciousness;
They have mellowed with age though,
Just like a fine whine



A Fistful of Nice
A Fistful of Nice


An earful of suck!
The obvious joke, for sure,
But it’s just that bad



Jordin Sparks
Jordin Sparks


Some more human grease
For the cash-making machine
That is Simon Cowell



Blake Lewis
Audio Daydream
BB light

Beatbox champeen and
Idol bridesmaid, cashing in
At 14th minute …



Allan Gilliland
BB light

Minimalist works
So far over your head you’ll
Need a step ladder!



Five For Fighting

BB light

Five for Fighting and
Ten for sucking live, plus a
Ten game misconduct!



Reverend Organdrum
Hi-Fi Stereo

Yep Roc

Horton Heat side band
With more tasty chops than a
Sheep farmer’s deep freeze



Angels of Destruction
Yep Roc

If Bob Mould got both
Gayer and better he would
Make this kinda disc



They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live!
Fat Wreck Chords

I like my women
As I like my live punk rock:
Funny, crass, sloppy

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