Quick Spins

Holy Fuck; Oona McOuat Milk and Holy Water; Barbara Streisand and Quartet

Holy Fuck
(Young Turks)

Noisey mish-mashers
Have made a near masterpiece
Out of mish-mashed noise

Oona McOuat
Milk and Holy Water

Soothing harp music
Perfect for frollicking while
Wood nymphs feed you grapes

Barbara Streisand and quartet
One Night at the Village Vanguard

Hypodermic Babs
The first lady of schmaltz jazz
Gets under my skin

Child Abuse
Cut and Run
(Love Pump)

Oddball noise makers
Indescribable racket
Bubblebath fart rock?

Celine Dion
Taking Chances World Tour

This contains medleys
Shitty shitty shit medleys
AKA Shmedleys


It's cool guy soft rock
Like if Wayne Coyne was obsessed
With Christopher Cross

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