Quick Psins

Fastball Keep Your Wig On (Rykodisc) A nearly perfect rock record that
instantly whisks one back to simpler times when Dekeland was angrily dealing
with the fact that his last name contained the word Anus. I always thought
Tony Scalzo was the rightful heir to the king’s throne if he would just
away wither and die. But he hasn’t. Anyway, these guys were best known
for their secretary rock smash “The Way,” which they have topped
here with 12 tracks of 100 per cent pure pop sensibility. The Pink
Mountaintops The Pink Mountaintops (Scratch) As Jerk With a Bomb, Stephen
McBean released one of the most brilliant thematic albums of all time with
Pyrokinesis. The band name may have changed, but McBean’s distinctive
yarling and ambient arrangements are still in full effect—only now the
obsession seems to be sexual. The result is another stunning thematic
masterpiece. I tip my fez to you, McBean! Tip! Tip! Supergrass Supergrass Is
10 (EMI) These guys were the last band allowed to have “super” in
their name. Therefore, if you are currently in a “super” band
that is not Superdrag, Supersuckers or Superchunk, please have the courtesy
to kick your own ass. No Exceptions! (And no, the Superfriendz did not give
you a “pass.”) Anyway, there’s a reason Supergrass was
allowed in the club. Four words: “Caught by the Fuzz,” bitch. *
By Divine Right Sweet Confusion (Linus) José really can do no wrong.
Canada’s most lovable pothead really has raised the bar here with some
of the most inventive stoney funk ever squeezed out north of the 49th. This
album rocks, plain and simple. If this record had legs, it would walk with a
limp and have a meaty backside. The Great White North’s great white
hope, BDR could very well be Canada’s best band. Say hi to Neil Peart
for me when he hands you his sceptre! Atomic 7 En Hillbilly Caliente (Mint)
With song titles like “Bury My Foot at Wounded Mouth,”
“Kicking at the Ghost of Ass,” “Various Rats Are
Whacked” and “The Wreck of the Dick Family Wiener Boat,”
you can afford to buy this one on spec. The fact that it’s a shadowy
slice of instrumental good times doesn’t hurt, either. * Yeah, I know,
smart guy, what about Supertramp?? Sorry, Supertramp had their super status
revoked in 1989.

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