Quebec’s Karate Kids take aim at English Canada from new home in Vancouver


The music would be bewildering to him but there’s little doubt that Mr Miyagi would appreciate Karate Kids fearlessness.

A French speaking and singing screamo duo, originally from Quebec but now based in Vancouver, Karate Kids formed earlier this year with the intention of infiltrating English venues across the country.

Sebastien Dupras (drums) and Mathieu Drolet (guitar, vocals) have been playing together in various bands since 2007, including the stoner rock Feu De Pneu and post-hardcore acts The Empire Strikes Back and Le Conflit in Ontario. They were both fired from Le Conflit while on tour with Karate Kids, and decided to continue on with the group as their main project.

While most French bands tend to stick close to their communities, or tour to French audiences in other parts of Canada, Karate Kids have jumped over the language barrier and targeted the English.

“We think that not enough bands from Eastern Canada are touring west; we really enjoy this side of the country very much, and thought it would just be great to make friends all over this land,” Drolet explains. “Also, we thought it would make us unique, in a way, to sing French in a genre that’s usually heard singing English. Also, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to Quebec; we wanted to challenge ourselves, but also break the bounds. We can share good times and dance all night long, even though we’re not speaking the same language.”

Karate Kids aren’t completely divorcing themselves from their Francophone roots; they’re just back from Mixart Studios in Montréal, where they recorded eight songs with producer Francis Bélanger Lacas. The songs will be split among a self-titled EP, plus a split 7′ with Edmonton’s Disabler on GBS Records in Montréal. Later this summer, the band will have another split with Malaysia’s Inquiry Last Scenery.

“We plan on taking some time off the road this fall, rehearse during the winter and prepare a full-length release for next spring, followed by a short Europe tour,” Drolet says. “We hope to be back on the Canadian trails for the summer for a third tour across this wild, beautiful country we live in. So far, we have been very surprised by the crowd reaction. So that gives us no reason to stop.”

Sat, Jul 12 (10 pm)
With Half Dalmatian, Petrify,  Sunspots
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