PopCulture Happenings: LARGECon, Turkey Shoot


LARGECon / Jul 22 – 24

There are comic book and anime conventions that can make a geek’s summer, but have you ever considered LARPing (live action role playing)? Edmonton’s first community-wide event will feature a weekend of five individual games designed for players of all levels. The stories are vast, featuring questions about time travel, a run through a classic fantasy scenario and more. (Various locations throughout Edmonton) 

Turkey Shoot: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice / Jul 21

Love it or hate it, the Metro Cinema will be screening Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Get your jabs  in with their always-hilarious Turkey Shoot, which features commentary. Attendees will shout out their opinions on such topics as: Sad Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenburg’s twitchy Lex Luthor, and Wonder Woman stealing the whole movie. (Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre)

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