Poor Young Things


Wed, Mar 7 | Edmonton Event Centre

After pulling up stakes in Thunder Bay and moving to Toronto, Poor Young Things found itself in the midst of some very favourable luck. After recording an EP with Jon Drew—who produced Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club, Arkells—called Let it Sleep, the band had a record deal and is about to hit the road with the Trews. Bassist Scott Burke soundtracked the band's life for Vue Weekly.

At Home

Yukon Blonde, Yukon Blonde
What's better than waking up with a nice cup of coffee and some reverb soaked guitar and vocals? “Rather Be With You” starts off easily enough, but by the time “Brides Song” hits, you're wide awake and ready to rock 'n' roll. That's definitley one of the catchiest riffs around.

Arkells, Jackson Square
I know for a fact that we have listened to this record so many times in our living room that we have worn the vinyl out. There is so much energy in the album it's almost infectious. “Oh the Boss is Coming!” and “The Ballad of Hugo Chavez” are proof of this. Max Kerman and the rest of the boys show you they know how to rock, and that they will certainly be [doing so] for a long time.

Band of Horses, Infinite Arms
Infinite Arms is one of the more amazing albums to come out in 2010. Ben Bridwell's voice is so recognizable, but it also has a soothing quality about it which makes it the perfect album to listen to at night. You can almost close your eyes and envision the album cover, with the night skyline and the stars above. Just a gem of an album.
On the Road

Sloan, Navy Blues
One of my personal favourite bands to come out of Canada is Sloan. I find it wonderful that all four guys can write and sing their own songs, and yet it can still feel like an album and not just random songs. “She Says What She Means” blasts in, and it just snowballs from there. Great Canadian rock 'n' roll album. Perfect for listening to in the car just as the sun comes up.

Sam Roberts Band, Collider
It is as if this man cannot write a bad tune. Every song he pens is great. Both musically and lyrically. Perfect when the car ride is in full swing.   It's almost impossible to not sing along to “Without a Map” or “The Last Crusade.” Sam Roberts Band is definitely a band we look up to. Collider is a perfect midday pick-me-up.

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Cardinology
My favourite Ryan Adams album. It's the perfect mix of singer-songwriter and an amazing backing band. The songs have emotion and edge. It is a calming album, but it won't put you to sleep, which is a must when on the road. Favourites include but are not limited to: “Fix it,” “Cobwebs,” “Evergreen,” “Magick.”    

Wed, Mar 7 (8 pm)
Edmonton Event Centre, $25

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