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Paul O’Dette began he music career as a guitarist in a rock band, but eventually the lute became his instrument of choice. Since then his studies have led him to become known for his playing (he’s got more than 120 recordings to his name), conducting and music research. Prior to performing a program titled J S Bach and the Lute in Edmonton, O’Dette shared his soundtrack picks with Vue.

At home
Morning: Kristian Bezuidenhout with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra: Mozart Piano Concertos K.453 & 482.Kris is the finest, most inspiring musician I know. His award-winning series of Mozart’s solo fortepiano works has totally redefined our notion of this music. But it is this new recording with my favourite period orchestra that just blows my mind. The colour and drama they bring to these works is just incredible.

Noon: Philippe Jaroussky, Carestini
Philippe is simply the most musical singer I have ever heard. He sells every phrase and embueing each with exactly the right colour and character. Deeply inspirational music making.

Night: Julie Fowlis, Cuilidh
Julie Fowlis is a singer from North Uist in the Outer Hebrides. She has done extensive research into ancient Scots Gaelic songs which she sings with a christaline vocal quality accompanied by traditional instruments. A truly special musician.

On the road
Morning: Oskorri, Ura.
Oskorri is a Basque folk group whose music combines hauntingly beautiful Celtic melodies with contagiously syncopated Spanish Renaissance dance rhythms. All of their recordings are great, but Ura is my favorite.

Noon: Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, Brockes Passion (Ludger Rémy, conductor)
According to some 18th-century musicians, Stölzel was the other great German Baroque composer alongside Bach. But whereas Bach was noted for his amazing counterpoint, Stölzel’s music was said to go straight to the heart. This is best displayed in this extraordinary passion setting, which is achingly beautiful and deeply moving.

Night: Bill Evans and Jim Hall, Intermodulation
My two favourite jazz musicians in their only sessions together. Jim Hall was not about dazzling virtuosity, but about sensuous musicality. And has anyone ever made such a magical sound on the piano as Bill Evans? V

Fri, Jan 24 (8 pm)
Muttart Hall, Alberta College, $25 – $30

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