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‘Our unofficial motto is: ‘We’re like a pub crawl, only without the throwing up.'”

Harcourt House is hosting another pair of Art Bus tours this summer, after launching the pub-crawl style gallery tours last June. Art Bus began as a way to get people out to a handful of visual art galleries in and around Edmonton, especially those in surrounding areas that don’t see as high traffic as the ones in the main areas of town. Organized by Stacey Cann, the community education coordinator at Harcourt House (and speaker of the above quote) this year’s Art Bus will be rolling on July 26 and August 16.

“Each gallery has its own diverse membership and type of art that they show, so you’re going to see very different things at each space,” Cann says. “You’ll get access to projects and curatorial talks that you otherwise wouldn’t necessarily get—last year there were certain galleries we just went to and looked at the art, whereas this year, there’ll be more talks and projects.”

Art Bus will visit the same stops as last year—Harcourt House, the Art Gallery of St Albert, the SNAP Gallery and Visual Arts Alberta – CARFAC—as well as a new entry: DC3, a commercial gallery.

“Between commercial galleries and public galleries, the audiences are very different,” Cann notes. “DC3 were really excited to have us this year.”

She also mentions that comparing the works in each of the galleries is intriguing, especially in light of their very different models—the public galleries have quite different exhibitions than the commercial galleries, and vice-versa. Or, maybe not—seeing all those galleries in one afternoon lets you pick up similarities and differences that might not be obvious if you were to visit them on separate occasions.

Cann also notes that these tours have served as a focal point for creating links between the different visual art communities in town.

“Certainly Harcourt House has gotten to know many of the galleries better, and the people who run them,” she says. “It’s made it a lot easier to organize this year, so we spent more time thinking about what kind of projects we could do while we were there.”

Sat, Jul 26 (12:30 pm pick-up at Harcourt House, 1 pm pick up at Art Gallery of St Albert)

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