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‘My pride includes police’


Re: Queermonton column, Jan. 23, 2016, issue #1109

Ashley Dryburgh’s excellent Queermonton column brings up distressing realities. Noting Toronto Pride’s kowtowing to a minority contributor’s trashing their party last year, it’s entirely apparent that left-wing polemic is blinding some to knee-jerk support of untenable policies. A presence at a mainstream event like pride is a privilege, not a stick to bully others into doing a group’s bidding, as BLMTO did.

Yes, police are utterly necessary. I almost hear the ‘oppressed minorities’ with their fear. But seriously, cops are on duty to keep creeps from making things worse. And I see too many commentators like Ms. Dryburgh carefully ignoring a salient fact: that those who fear cops generally have something illegal to hide. Could be there’s a warrant out, could be you’re carrying, could be you want to do something nasty.

It’s just as distressing to see the white, cis, middle-class children trashing their Amerikkan world with impunity these days, without the same repercussions.

As a part-aboriginal, trans, laissez-faire Alberta tradesman, my pride includes police.


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