Music Notes

Music Notes

Gigs this week

THU, DEC 31 (9 pm)

WITH City Streets, Falklands
New City, $10

New Year's Eve is a time of revelry and what better way to ring in the new year than with Slates. It'll be your last time to see this super-sweet band before they go open for Mudhoney and tour through Cuba and come back all full of themselves. Plus everytime I see this band they seem to get better and better.


THU, DEC 31 (7 pm)

With the Secretaries, Mountain House, Pale Moon Lights
The Artery

In one way, it's unfortunate that MeatDraw is not what you think it is. I was pretty darn excited when I thought that, in addition to catching the Secretaries on New Year's Eve, I might be entered into some kind of contest where I could win a whole side of beef or maybe a few pounds of venison. I thought that at the very least there would be some kind of foie gras sculpting competition. In another way, however, it's kind of good that MeatDraw is actually a band crafting endearing and sincere stompy folk songs, because my bacon decoupage efforts have turned out somewhat limp and uninspired.


THU, DEC 31 (7:30 pm)

With Willy James & Crawdad Cantera, Low Flying Planes, Back Porch Swing, Laurel Maclure, Marshall Lawrence, Brian Gregg, The Proper Charlies, Erin Kushniurk, Jesse Dee & Jaquie B, Scott Cook & The Long Weekends
McDougal United Church, Food Bank Donation

With all these acts, I don't even have room for a joke. V

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