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Music Notes: August 18 – August 24

Nathan McNevin and The-Silence Factory
Nathan McNevin and The-Silence Factory

Edmonton Blues Festival / Fri, Aug 19 – Sun, Aug 21 

Jive out to some good ol’ rhythmic blues in an outdoor park setting for three days. Featuring the sounds of Shemakia Copeland, Paul Oscher’s Austin All Stars, Fiona Boyes Trio, Jarekus Singleton, Paul James Band, Sugar Brown, and many more. Visit for full line-up. (Heritage Amphitheatre, $119 weekend pass)

Arkavello / Fri, Aug 19 (9 pm)

Tuning all its instruments to 432 hz, this Edmonton-based trio can spiritually awaken your senses with its folk-pop melodies. Support from Despardo Pilots. (Moonshiners, free)

Tin Can Bandits / Fri, Aug 19 (9 pm)

Winnipeg’s Tin Can Bandits makes music of the folk pop variety. This six-piece is on tour for its latest album, Rushing River. (Shakers Roadhouse, $10)

Nathan McNevin & The Silence Factory / Mon, Aug 22 (5:30 pm)

While this band was only formed in October 2015, the individual members all have many years of experience playing in several other rock bands (SieraSlave, Grumpy Monkeys and Ashes of Soma). Together, they play a musical spectrum of everything from singer-songwriter folk tunes to in-your-face rock and roll, as evident on its debut album, Collection of Thoughts. (The Needle, free [gratuities accepted])

The Tsunami Brothers // McQueen Photography

The Tsunami Brothers // McQueen Photography

The Tsunami Brothers / Wed, Aug 24 (7:30 pm)

If you couldn’t guess from its band name, Edmonton’s Tsunami Brothers plays instrumental surf music with the classic surf band line-up in tow, featuring two guitars, bass and drums. SURF’S UP BOYS AND GALS. (Festival Place, $8)

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