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Michelle Boudreau handpicked the performers for Vixen Voices

As a singer-songwriter, poet, mother and avid gardner, Edmonton-born Michelle Boudreau has surrounded herself with her life's passions. Now living in Lacombe with her husband, poet and spoken-word artist Jadon Rempel, Boudreau is currently working on a new album, while in the meantime organizing Vixen Voices Revue, an evening of fiery female music and spoken-word performers.

Since taking some time away from music to focus on raising her two children, Boudreau has since returned with a new energy and focus, surrounding herself this time with some of her favourite fellow female artists for the Revue: singer songwriter Jasmine Whenham and poets Laurie Macfayden and Mary Pinkoski of Raving Poets.

"I wanted to have an opportunity to share the stage with them," she explains of the handpicked line-up. "Also, I tried to find as much fire behind a person as possible. It's going to be a very energetic night. Jasmine's just an amazing musician. Mary Pinkoski is really a very exciting poet, she does a lot of energetic spoken word poetry. Laurie Macfayden has a lot of strong, dark work, but she's just an incredible writer. There's a really nice variety between the music and the writing."

Meanwhile, Boudreau and Rempel will continue to work on a new album already five years in the making, about the couple's time spent in northern Alberta and Canada while touring and working.

"The new album is going to be huge," Boudreau extols. "It's going to be based on northern Canada and Alberta. It's called Northern Cantos, a 10 song CD comprised of original material, written by myself and my husband Jadon Rempel.

"Both Jadon and I have been travelling up north, playing Fort McMurray and Yellowknife, and we got to meet a lot of people first hand, and get a lot of stories and experiences," she explains. "We discovered it's a place of beauty and horror, a modern-day Deadwood. It's been through its gold rush, the boom and the bust. It's so worthy of writing about—all of Canada needs to know about this.

"I think with everything we've seen over the last couple of years with the bust, I think that it's about time that people can start listening to the art that was produced from that time up north, the happy and the sad." V

Sat, Apr 3 (8 pm)
Michelle Boudreau
With Jasmine Whenham, Laurie Macfayden, Mary Pinkoski
Axis Café, $10


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