Maroon 5; The Parkas; Graveworm

Maroon 5
It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Sophmore album proves
Dudes write fine adult sex-funk
And that I can’t spell


Various Artists
Rumble In the Jungle
Soul Jazz

I love Soul Jazz, but
An hour of proto jungle
Seems like 14 days


Rick White Album

Every molecule
In Rick’s brain is composed of
Pure awesomeness!


The Parkas
Put Your Head In the Lion’s Mouth
Saved By Radio

It’s rock ‘n’ roll, man
With occasional glimpses
Of Mick and the boys


Various Artists
One Little Indian presents
One Little Indian

Like the Swedish Chef
This label is all about
Björk Björk Björk Björk Björk


Collateral Defect
Nuclear Blast

If you take this shit
Seriously, you may want
To kill yourself now


The Teeth
You’re My Lover Now
Park the Van

Sweet and spastic pop
Like filling your earholes with
Soda and pop-rocks


Stars of Track and Field
Centuries Before Love and War

Atmospheric, lush
A bit abusive of the
Old loud-soft gambit


Rufus Wainwright
Release the Stars

The Gay Messiah
Cometh! But don’t you worry,
That’ll wipe right off

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