Loonie Bin: Lil B, Wintered Debts


Lil B, “I Got Aids” – Download
Who else in rap would do this? Over a dreamy tape loop,  Lil B gives a fictional take on discovering he has the life-damning illness. It's blunt, lyrically, and honestly, that means it edges toward being obvious and didactic. But while plenty of other artists are boasting about their actions, Lil' B is one of the few using his soapbox to sincerely explore the consequences that they can sometimes have.

Of Montreal, “Wintered Debts” – Download
Potentially attached to Of Montreal's upcoming Paralytic Stalks LP (it was posted on the band's website without much detail), “Wintered Debts” feels like a kaleidoscopic drift back through the looking glass, showcasing the band pulling away from its recent obsessions with sexed-up glam rock. Starting with acoustic strums and whispered harmonies, it quickly erupts into an outburst of spazzy funk, then spends the rest of its seven-minute runtime in a more meditative state wandering through sound loops and minimal compositions. “I've fallen out of love with the prisoner,” sings Kevin Barnes at one point; after a few albums of playing up a Prince-like persona, he may very well be talking about himself.

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