Loonie Bin: Cadence Weapon, Cathryn Calder

Cadence Weapon, “Loft Party”
“Loft Party” makes for a welcoming precursor to Rollie Pemberton's long-gestating third album: over an ominous slowburner beat, the Edmonton ex-pat lays down an urban-chic smackdown, his rubbery flow going over secret shows, Stephen Harper and getting caught by the vice squad. Sounds like a tough weekend, but presented here, it's an invitation to party that's difficult to ignore.

Kathryn Calder “Who Are You?”
A canadian indie double-darling, former member of Immaculate Machine and sometimes-member of the New Pornographers, Vancouver's Kathryn Calder actually manages to carve a bit of a path away from either act with “Who Are You?” It is still colourful canuck pop, but of her own flavouring: guitar plucks give way to poppy, digitized vocal-samples as backing instrumentation, while Calder questions the haters in the refrain. 

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