Loonie Bin: Boxer the Horse, Wombling Merry Christmas, Damien Jurado, The Civil Wars

Boxer the Horse
“Material Xmas”
Charlottetown’s Boxer the Horse channel the ghost of rock 'n' roll past to sling some dry sarcasm at the holiday season. “This December 25th / I'm not giving any gifts,” goes the refrain over surfy guitar and a simple structure that's nothing if not worth bumping a knee along with.

The Very Most
“Wombling Merry Christmas”
Twee swoops of boy-girl vocals and equally cute musical hooks warm the spirits of The Very Most's christmas cover—taken from an old Brit novelty act called the Wombles . Sleighbell percussion only perfects the falling-snow sentiment.

Damien  Jurado
“Christmas Time Is Here”
Damien Jurado makes a a meandering march through the Charlie Brown Christmas theme. A mid-song horn solo hits the point home far more than the deployment of Jurado's falsetto here, which doesn't rise above a shruggish delivery. Like your sad uncle's fireside wimpers after a couple too many glasses of sherry.

The Civil Wars
“Tracks in the Snow”
Over acoustic plucks and spacious production that leaves plenty of room to breathe, a stilled, quiet harmony carries gorgeously evocative lines like “bend like a cathedral over me.” A winter wonder.

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