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Snoop Dogg with Willie Nelson
Willie starts out with a quick story about surgery leading to a song, and then he strums away while trading verses with Snoop, Mickey Raphael blowing a lonely harp in the background. It seems like a toss-off on first listen, but they manage to pull off an ode to mortality in what amounts to a little country ditty in the middle of a Snoop Dogg record.

Fucked Up
“The Other Shoe”
For fans of the orchestral and complicated side of Fucked Up, “The Other Shoe” is like smack to a junkie, cake to a fat kid, bronzer to a bro. A look inside the band's forthcoming concept album, David Comes to Life, this track is like the first time you got a boner: it's awesome, a little confusing out of context and could be the first step towards the most fun you'll ever have.

J Mascis
“Several Shades of Why”
The Dinosaur Jr frontman unplugs his electric and reveals the weary heart that hides behind face-melting power solos. “I'm not sayin' much / I just try hard / That's all I do / Tried and waited / Then got tired,” he sighs over an acoustic riff—yes, it's still a riff—but with with genuine, weathered emotion. Quieting down actually suits the old slacker quite nicely.

Dee Snider
“It Was a Very Good Year”
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider wails over an old Sinatra tune, churning up the noise and turning it into a mass of bombastic cheese.

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