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Shuyler Jansen
“Falcons Wing (Hellhounds Return)”
A fine balance between an acoustic heart and a noisy, disturbing soul trapped deep within, Jansen weaves a satisfying apocalyptic tale. It's a standout track on a record full of them.

Duran Duran
Safe (In the Heat of the Moment)
The world would be a better place if only every aging musician could stay true to their music while managing to update the sound without whiplashing back and forth with every passing trend. Oh, well, at least we have Duran Duran's perfectly respectable and damn fun collaboration with Mark Ronson.

The Kills
It's not reggae, but it takes the classic groove and pummels and mutates it into something of its own, blocking out the sunshine and replacing it with noirish shadows, adding a layer of paranoia and providing a veil of smoke by lighting a match and tossing it into the gasoline. Disturbing, and fantastic.

The staff of the Guardian newspaper covers Radiohead's “Creep.” It should be terrible, right? But it's most definitely not. It's not a total rewrite of the song, but the players actually do a little something new with it and take the music to a place worth visiting. (

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